Christmas elves dollshouse

Christmas Countdown: Week 4

Well, the waiting is over. Tomorrow morning, instead of wondering what the elves have done, Bunny and Bear will wake up wondering if Santa has been!

Our last week with the Christmas elves has been quite fun!

CCDW4 Baking1 Christmas Elves baking

They got going with baking a cake, and made rather a mess with the ingredients! Bunny and I finished making it the following day, which is always a fun way to hang out together.

christmas countdown elves

Then they did some colouring in one of the girl’s colouring books. I think Bunny was a little offended by the colours used to fill in the drawings, but Bear was just excited to point them all out: purple, green, red, she recited!

CCDW4 Snowballs4 CCDW4 Snowballs3 CCDW4 Snowballs2 Christmas elves snowball fight

The following night, they took advantage of our mini marshmallow stash and had a snowball fight from behind their hastily built MegaBloks walls. I’m not sure who won though as it looked like a close call!

CCDW4 hoedown2 Christmas elf hoedown

Then a bit of a random night where they climbed inside Bunny’s boots and had what looked like a hoe-down!

CCDW4 Wrapping2 Christmas elves wrapped up

By now, Bear had fully fledged chicken pox, but we still decided to continue with our planned Christmas night out as my parents had offered to have us all to stay at their house overnight so that we wouldn’t have to move them when we got in. As it turned out, Bear was wide awake when we got home just after midnight so it probably wouldn’t have mattered anyway! However, despite not being there, the elves still had some mischief, with Fenton wrapping Mo up and our advent instruction for the day to wrap presents, fitting well with their games!

CCDW4 House5 CCDW4 House4 CCDW4 House3 CCDW4 House2 Christmas elves dollshouse

Their final night of mischief was very finely detailed with some wonderful dolls’ house decorating for Christmas. There was a Christmas tree, Christmas cards on the bookshelf, tinsel up the stairs and even a Christmas tablecloth on the dining table. Bunny was absolutely thrilled with this and they spent most of the next morning playing with the dolls in their house.

CCDW4 Goodbye2 goodbye Christmas elves

And then it was over. Their last night the girls were allowed to have some goodbye cuddles with their elves before carefully placing them back on the shelf so that they could return to the North Pole in time for the Christmas Eve rush and helping Santa. We followed up with a viewing of the lovely PNP videos we’d done for the girls and they were in awe, although Bunny was a bit bemused by Santa’s pronunciation of her name!

CCDW4 Gone1

Christmas Eve dawned and despite a stormy night, it seemed the elves made it home ok. A trail of glittering snow led from the elf door, suggesting their magic whisked them back to the North Pole when they opened the door. To the girls’ delight, they’d left behind a bag of presents and a goodbye letter. Bunny had another pair of pyjamas and Bear had a new pair of slippers. They both had Christmas books and mugs with Snowman Soup (or hot chocolate and marshmallows) as well. And the piece de resistance came in the form of two, yes two, chocolates in their advent calendar this morning!! The girls also received a letter from Santa himself telling them all about life in the North Pole which just added to the excitement. Thanks to my mum for organising that!

This afternoon we scattered some reindeer food that Bunny’s teacher had given her as an end of term present in the garden to help the reindeer find their way, we tracked Santa on NORAD and watched his sleigh-cam video message from PNP.  And finally, just before bedtime, we watched in awe as Santa (aka the International Space Station) flew past our house, the brightest and fastest star in the sky. Bunny was jumping up and down in excitement, and even I was a little bit thrilled that everything came together to allow us to see it – the rain has been relentless today and the skies cleared just in time. In fact, it’s quite possibly going to be the highlight of the Christmas magic for me!

So the mince pie and milk has been left under the tree for Santa, and a carrot for Rudolf. The girls are both fast asleep, the presents are wrapped and everything is ready.

Christmas is Go!