Christmas elves tinsel

Christmas Countdown: Week 3

The Christmas elves, Mo and Fenton, are still having fun overnight at our house.

CCW3 Ponies 2 Christmas elf pony ride

They went pony riding, and got all the other ponies to follow their lead.

CCW3 Tinsel

The next trick was the most important of the Christmas countdown so far. They got out our Christmas decorations and wrapped themselves up in some of the tinsel.

Christmas elves tinsel

The girls were so impressed by this, they asked if I’d take their photos next to them. And without even trying, I had my Christmas card photo ready made. And finally got them in the post today. Just a week late for the rellies in France, but better late than never!

Christmas elves Megabloks

The following night, they got back to playing with the toys and created an impressive Megabloks archway for the toy cars to drive through. And used themselves and Macca Pacca as the gargoyles on top.

CCW3 Tree Hiding 3 CCW3 Tree Hiding 2 Hiding in Christmas tree

The next night, they hid in our newly decorated Christmas tree. It took forever for the girls to find them and our porridge had almost burnt by the time they’d spotted them!

Christmas elves alphabet blocks

On Saturday night, Bunny had a sleepover at her Nanna and Granpa’s house, so only Bear got to see the Elf mischief in the morning. And the mischief was really just them showing off their reading skills as they’d built a tower from the letter blocks in the correct alphabetical order. Bear was impressed, even if the talent was lost on her!

CCW3 Knickers knickers in Christmas tree

To make up for not really being too naughty while Bunny was away, they went for the big one on Sunday night. They dressed the Christmas tree with Bunny’s knickers, and even put some on their hats. The girls were beside themselves with incredulity when they spotted them the next morning, shocked they could be so cheeky. I personally quite like the splash of colour in the tree!

CCW3 Crash2 CCW3 Crash 3 crashing Christmas elves

Last night, they used some elf magic to go for rides in the doll’s pushchair. ¬†Unfortunately, in true magic tradition, something went wrong, and by the time we discovered them, they’d crashed into the keyboard. Even more unfortunately, once the elves had flown back up to their shelf, Bear went on to play with the pushchair and managed to break it. So another toy bites the dust!

In other Christmas countdown news, Bunny had her school Christmas party yesterday and loved it despite being convinced she wouldn’t. She was totally in awe of the fact that Father Christmas actually came to her school. It was adorable! We also finally finished writing her cards last night – a seemingly interminable task that I was determined not to give up on. It was great writing practice for her and I think she has finally cracked the letter ‘v’ which she hadn’t at the start!

One week to go and I have a feeling the elves are about to get a bit more creative. See you next week for the finale!