Christmas elves on toy plane

Christmas Countdown: Week 2

The Christmas elves, Mo and Fenton, have continued to have fun at our house while we slept.

They’ve played Postman Pat dominoes (and ate some of the Christmas chocolates while they played judging by the empty sweet wrappers scattered around the table!).

Elf dominoes

elf dominoes

Elf dominoes

They played a game of hide and seek, which immediately inspired the girls to do the same while breakfast was prepared.

CCDW2 Hide elf hide and seek

They had some imaginary play. Mo put on one of the doll’s nappies and a bib and Fenton fed her some baby food.

CCDW2 Baby3 CCDW2 Baby2

Fenton read some of the toys a story and they all seemed transfixed!

CCDW2 Reading2 elf storytimeThe highlight of the advent activities has been a trip to London for Bunny which was wonderful.

Advent calendar child

We saw some incredible Christmas efforts, including the amazing Christmas windows at Selfridges, some stunning lights and lots of giant snowglobes, including this one over the Eros statue at Piccadilly Circus.

Eros snow globe

I’m linking up with The Reading Residence’s inspired #ElfTakeover bloghop. Click on any of the links below to see what other mischief elves around the country have been up to.