Christmas Countdown – Week 2

As December is now well underway, the Christmas activities have taken over almost every day, helped along by the fun elf antics and an advent calendar full of suggestions of what we can do.

Rainbows panto

In the past week, Bunny has been to a pantomime with her Rainbows pack which was apparently “Ok” despite the excitment that preceded it!

Meeting Santa

Then we had the girls’ school Christmas Fayre with face and nail painting and a visit to Santa Claus.

Broadstairs Christmas tree

Followed later the same day with the town’s Christmas Fayre and Christmas tree lights switch on by Chetna Makan who has become something of a local celebrity thanks to her baking talents.

Next day, we all went to the carol service at the village church and Bunny’s Rainbow pack was treated to a tea party afterwards which she loved.

Nursery performance

Then, today, after weeks of practice, we finally got to see the fruits of their labour as they both got to perform their Christmas shows to their parents. Bear’s nursery performed a few songs they’ve been learning and then we got to see a slideshow of some of the activities they’ve been doing over the term. It was lovely to see how confident she’s getting as she stood at the front holding a card as part of a song.

nativity shepherd

And then the big one! Bunny’s year performed a wonderful, fun nativity play. Although she only had a chorus part, I was still proud of her too as she was so much more confident this year and really took part rather than hiding at the back looking scared! And her friends were all fantastic too!

Combined with all of this have been the elves who have been having their usual overnight fun as well.

Christmas elves keyboard

They’ve played on the keyboard…

christmas elves hungry hippoes

…Hungry Hippos…

christmas elves kerplunk

…and Kerplunk.

christmas elves tree hiding

They’ve hidden in the Christmas tree…

christmas elves hiding chimney

…and the chimney.

christmas elves paragliding

They’ve been paragliding…

christmas elves breakfast cereal

…and served up a messy breakfast!

And the girls have continued to delight in it all, desperate to get downstairs each day to see what they’ve done next!

The Reading Residence #ElfTakeover