A children’s computer

Today I’m letting my geeky wife loose on my blog to tell you all about the computer she’s put together for the girls to use.

Inspired by a letter sent home by her new school that tells us they expect Bunny and her class to extend their mouse skills using appropriate software, I decided to give the girls a computer of their own to use. I dug out an old 64 bit computer from the loft that has 2GB of memory and installed the Windows 7 operating system.

Taking into consideration the age of the users (four and two), I installed the free K9 web protection software and set it to the highest level. I also installed Microsoft Security Essentials Antivirus to protect the computer from any inadvertent attacks from their random clicking.


Kids Menu Screenshot

At this point in time, the girls just want to play, so I created some shortcuts to Nick Jr and CBeebies games and configured the icons to match the game to make it easy to identify.  I then downloaded the excellent Kidsmenu Windows replacement shell and personalised it with the shortcuts and some wallpapers of their favourite characters.

As Bunny has a tendency to be ambidextrous, I chose a standard type mouse that I configured as normal to avoid any confusion.

And finally, after some screaming sessions, I disabled the power off button on the computer itself to stop her little sister spoiling her fun by using her toes to press it and thereby turning off the computer mid-game!

children's computer

The girls are safe to play on their tailored children’s computer

So far, so good, and the girls seem to be getting the hang of navigating to where they want to go and how to play. Bunny naturally more than Bear, but that’s only to be expected! And they’re both keen which is the main thing! We’ll have them programming before we know it!