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My journey along the assisted conception route – aka how I became a parent.

As a lesbian mum, I am often asked how I got pregnant – people’s curiosity always has a tendency to override any thoughts of rudeness! I kept a blog diary of my experiences of assisted conception with an anonymous donor …

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Back to work yesterday and it was hell!  Really struggled to get through the day and even had to curl up on a sofa at lunch for a quick nap – got some comments and looks for that one! By …

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So, the holiday is over.  And thank god!  Never again will I go away when I’m just pregnant.  The nausea got worse over the 2 weeks, as did some of the cramping and breast tenderness.  I have had barely any …

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So, I’m half way through the first trimester.  And this week has been hard. Last weekend, I was virtually wiped out by the nausea and tiredness.  But then I had such a busy week at work I didn’t have time …

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After yesterday’s panic, we did lots of research and so far the only concern is that I might have a missed miscarriage. However, my tits are even more painful than ever and keep getting itchy.  This morning I had proper …

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Today my temp has gone down by half a degree.  This could mean a miscarriage is imminent.  Wifey wanted me to stay at home, but I don’t see the point – it isn’t going to make any difference and I …

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