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As I mentioned in my Britmums Live round up post, one of the key things I took away from the conference was to be more myself, especially in my writing. In the session on┬áthe power blogging can bring to your …

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Bear is two and a half. And she would like you to know that the phrase “Terrible Twos” was coined just for her. You see, every single day and all through the night, she is faced with choices, and decisions. …

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Christmas for us is all about family. Less about the massive pile of presents (although, Bunny may not agree nowadays!) and more about getting together and having lots of time to enjoy each other’s company. And as our family has …

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Well, the waiting is over. Tomorrow morning, instead of wondering what the elves have done, Bunny and Bear will wake up wondering if Santa has been! Our last week with the Christmas elves has been quite fun! They got going …

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It’s that time of year when trying to think of presents to buy can start to take over your every waking moment. I was pretty pleased with my efforts, having cracked most of the gifts I needed to get when, …

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The Christmas elves, Mo and Fenton, are still having fun overnight at our house. They went pony riding, and got all the other ponies to follow their lead. The next trick was the most important of the Christmas countdown so …

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