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A photo a day, every day, for one year!

Sunday Day out in London to meet my sisters for my youngest sister’s birthday. First time we’ve been together since mid-August so it was lovely to catch up – especially as her bump is looking ripe and healthy now! Monday …

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Sunday A repeat trip to the Pirate ship and this time we got to go on board and have a good look round. I loved it and given half the chance would happily have sailed off into the sunset on …

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Sunday Despite a hangover, I battled on through the day and battle really was the word. Bunny had her first homework and she was not happy about having to do it. We fought all day over it, trying bribes to …

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Sunday A beach walk in the morning that ended in tears as Bunny cut her hand and then into Margate for a walk round and some lunch at a friend’s cafe. It’s super child-friendly, with sandwiches tailored to the children’s …

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Sunday A long beach walk which was too slow and saw us get cut off by the tide, meaning an even longer walk back on ourselves and along the clifftop. Luckily the sun was shining and we were all having …

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Sunday A beautiful London wedding! And my two were gorgeous guests – even if I am biased! Monday Quiet day at home after the late night. We had a play with the face painting kit and I was quite chuffed …

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