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A photo a day, every day, for one year!

I did it! A photo every day for the whole of 2014. I’ll admit to some hairy moments when work meant that I didn’t get anything decent, but everyone loves a photo of a sleeping child/dog don’t they?! So here …

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All the Christmas activity has seen me get a little bit behind with the project, but here are the penultimate 2 weeks of Project 365. Sunday A trip to the cinema in the morning to see the wonderful family film, Paddington …

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Sunday A blustery dog walk and then Bunny had her Rainbows carol service at the village church and it was really lovely to see her be part of something I remember being such a big part of my childhood. The …

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Sunday A visit from their 38 weeks pregnant auntie was a definite highlight of the day. Bunny decided that the baby would enjoy her Elsa bear’s Frozen song and it seemed baby agreed, kicking away when the musical bear was …

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Sunday A night out with my family meant a slow start to the day and then a rush to walk the dog before the rain set in! And then an hour’s drive to our nearest city for Bunny’s first Build …

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Sunday Bunny had a birthday party at a play centre – probably my least favourite of all the local ones as it’s a long way out and has a big warehouse feel. I didn’t really know any of the other …

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