Bunny & Bear Style Files

Bunny may only be five years old, but she is a budding fashionista and puts me to shame when she pulls an outfit together effortlessly. But, while the girls’ drawers seem to overflow with clothes, they never seem to have anything to wear, so I’ve decided to do something about it and try and create a complementary wardrobe for them both.

Colour Bunny soft autumn colouring

I started by looking at their colour identities: Bunny is a soft autumn – grey/green eyes, dark blonde hair and pale skin.

Colour Bear warm autumn colouring

Bear is more of a warm autumn with her deep brown eyes, golden hair and russet complexion.

With colour palettes to work from I hit the sales, and limited my purchases to the colours that were on the lists. Not just because I thought something was cute or cool.

Bunny Style File 1

This was the first outfit I found – camel coloured dress with aubergine edges by Emoi from TK Maxx, aubergine spotty tights, stripy top and dusty pink boots all from Primark. It was so much easier to find complementary items when I had colours in mind. And really did stop me just buying things that I spotted and liked.

And gradually, I hope to build a collection of clothes that work well together and can be easily mixed and matched to create numerous gorgeous outfits. Because my girls are gorgeous and the clothes they wear should show that off!!

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2 comments on “Bunny & Bear Style Files
  1. What a super clever idea! I didn’t know you could work out your colours for yourself, I thought you had to go to a lady in John Lewis or similar! I’ve got three boys all with different colour hair, so I will be trying this great tip. Although, of course I think they look gorgeous in everything… #PoCoLo

  2. Your girls are so gorgeous. I love what you have put together here – and that outfit is so wonderful, it really suits her. Thank you for linking to #PoCoLo x

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