Breathing through it | A sob story (or warning)

Yesterday, work had organised for the office staff to have defibrillator training so that we were all able to use the machine should it be necessary. ¬†I hadn’t thought too much about it, and just went along with it all.

When the session started, the trainer mentioned that if anyone had joint problems that prevented them from performing the procedures as she showed us, she could not pass us. Again, I didn’t think much of it at the time, assuming she was referring to people with back problems that couldn’t bend down. That was until she demonstrated how to perform CPR, and my heart sunk – the angle the wrists are required to be in to effectively compress the chest is exactly the worst position for my RSI-knackered wrists to go in. But if we didn’t do it, we wouldn’t pass the course and I could hardly bow out at that point.

So I did it as gently as I could and was almost in tears from the pain, but was told to push down harder and put all my weight behind it. My god! It hurt! And then we had some more theory before having to return to practical demonstrations and I had to do it again! Today my wrists are back to agony and I’m feeling pretty fed up about it. RSI sucks! Anyone else with RSI should bear this in mind if ever signing up to do first aid style training! ¬†Considering I did no more than a minute or two at a time, I hate to think how my wrists would be if I had to do it for real until an ambulance arrived. It is hard work! Yes that does sound selfish, doesn’t it?!

Then today, I was looking for a lost beaker in the car and whacked my head on the dashboard as I bent down. I now have a big lump in the centre of my forehead, which is painful and oh so attractive! D:Ream is playing in my head right now!

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2 comments on “Breathing through it | A sob story (or warning)
  1. Kim Carberry says:

    Ohh no! That’s so unfair that they would fail you for having joint problems……I think if the situation arose that someone needed CPR adrenaline would kick in and you would do anything you could to perform CPR despite being in pain…
    Hugs & yes Things can only get better…hehehe x

    • I don’t think they were saying they’d fail us for having the problems per se, more that if we were unable to demonstrate our training, perhaps because we had to leave early, or miss a section or because we couldn’t actually do something physically, they couldn’t sign us off as qualified. It makes sense, but was a bit of a problem once I was already there!

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