The Book Binge – December

Over December, our reading material turned somewhat festive. When we finally finished the Famous Five books, we then turned to some short stories to take us through the month.

Christmas Fairy book

The girls both loved the Marks & Spencer book The Fairy which is a fun little ditty about the fairy on top of the Christmas tree. I actually picked this up at a boot fair a couple of years ago and get it out for December. Maybe next year, Bunny will actually remember it!

the diggers

On a less festive note, Bear has been absolutely smitten with Margaret Wise Brown’s lightly poetic The Diggers about digging a train tunnel under a city and through a mountain with references to all the other diggers we might imagine.

Pirate Digging a Hole

It is beautifully illustrated by Antoine Corbineau and sweeps you along as the tunnel is built.

Treasury of Christmas Stories & Songs

Returning to the Christmas theme is the divine and beautiful A Treasury of Christmas Stories & Songs. This is a true keepsake with traditional Christmas and wintery stories nestled between Christmas songs and rhymes.

The Snow Queen

I read the Snow Queen to Bunny last year in an attempt to link up the Frozen obsession with its inspiration but this version is shorter and beautifully illustrated, bringing the story alive to young ears.

The Night Before Christmas

As Bunny’s reading confidence grows, she also decided that she should read to us for once and chose The Night Before Christmas.

Reading The Night Before Christmas

She managed to read almost to the end before asking me to finish it. Having learnt this poem by heart as a child, it was a special moment to hear my own child reading out the warm, familiar rhyme to me.The Naughtiest Girl

And now, well Christmas furnished us with lots more books to enjoy, including Enid Blyton’s The Naughtiest Little Girl stories which we have just started and can already tell we’re going to love as much as The Famous Five.

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