Big Fish Little Fish Halloween Party

A short while before Halloween, two little witches embarked on an adventure. It took them on a journey of a great distance as they headed west, in search of music, fun and laughter.

little witches

When they got there, they were excited to discover that they were not alone in their quest as they were joined by other little witches, skeletons and monsters, all eager to do what creatures of the night do best – make lots of noise, run around and enjoy themselves.

halloween face painting

As they explored the space, they were delighted to find a grown up creating the perfect finishing touches to their outfits with amazing face paint that complemented their dresses. And for a short while, the two little witches were still and calm until the mirror portrayed their transformations and their powers returned.

colouring wall

On discovering the colouring wall, Bunny was keen to add her designs to the montage…

witch holding balloon

…and Bear stood by to watch the artists at work, gripping the balloon she’d acquired as tightly as a witch’s broom in flight.

crafting activity

But all this witchcraft was making them hungry so they chose a fruit cup from the selection of spooky goodies laid out in a corner and refreshed their energy levels, ready to create some monster portraits using paper plates, colourful tape, shapes, glue and string.

plate crafts

As they hung their creations on the washing line gallery, a bubble machine on the stage began to pour out bubbles which no little witch can ever resist.

bubbles dancefloor

They ran towards it, drawn by the squeals of excitement that were louder than the funky music being spun up on the stage by Duckie supremo’s The Readers Wifes.

readers wifes djs

As the little creatures danced and skidded around on the dancefloor, chasing the bubbles and balloons, their guardians tentatively began to dance alongside them, feet itching to move to the music, but hair less easily let down in the grown up world of parenting. But resistance was futile and before long, some dance classics saw even the most hardened grown ups taking their little monsters by the hand to demonstrate how to really move to the music.

green witch with face paint

With glitter cannons, more bubbles, music and laughter engulfing every sense, there was no escape from the fun and enjoyment. But then the spell was broken and it was time to head home. Two exhausted witches transformed into their everyday personas of Bunny and Bear and chatted excitedly on the journey home before exhaustion got the better of them and they fell asleep.

Bunny and Bear were treated to this fun Halloween party thanks to Big Fish Little Fish Events who host regular, family friendly parties with decent (dare I say it?), grown up music as a backdrop to the crafts, toddler play space and bubble machine, glitter cannon, and balloon fun. This party was particularly special as it was held in conjunction with Out With the Family who organise outings and events for LGBT families and their friends.

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3 comments on “Big Fish Little Fish Halloween Party
  1. Awww they are so adorable in those costumes! And I love the fairytale story like wordings of the post =) #pocolo

  2. Looks like they had brilliant fun! We’ve never been to a Halloween party, but I know the younger two would love to! #pocolo

  3. What a really wonderful idea – it looks like an amazing Halloween party. I love their outfits and face paints too. Thank you for linking to PoCoLo 🙂 x

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