4W2D – BFP

So after all that stress and panic, it seems it really is actually a BFP.  I am really pregnant!

And it feels wonderful – I can’t stop grinning and have been swinging between maniacal laughter to tears of amazement.  I just cannot believe it.

Of course, it’s very early days and we have a long, long way to go yet – even until the danger period is over, but at least the way the dates are worked out, I’m already a third of a way through my first trimester!

Let me explain what happened yesterday.

I went to the Dr and explained about the pain.  The locum I saw was obviously concerned it might be an ectopic pregnancy, but I know that isn’t the case by the fact the pain has been constant since just after the IUI.  He told me to provide a urine sample and come back tomorrow to see my usual GP.

So I went to work, really none-the-wiser.

The fertility clinic called.  Congratulations, the nurse at the other end said with about as much emotion as a wet fish.  Keep taking the cyclogest and let’s get you booked in for your first scan.  After playing around with dates to fit our holiday in, we agreed on Tuesday 12 August and I was told to come in that afternoon to pick up a prescription for more cyclogest.

So another couple of hours at work – mostly spent on google researching pregnancy and then off to the hospital.

Went and found the nurses and explained my concerns that it might just be a cyst and they got me to do another test and explained that it was very unlikely that a cyst would keep my period away for this long or keep giving positive results.  This test was nice and strong as well apparently.  So, she said, you are definitely pregnant!  Congratulations!  And she meant it.  I was close to tears.  This is it!  I really, really am pregnant!  Not just imagining it, or dreaming it.

And my temperatures have continued to be high since Friday – usually they wouldn’t go above 37C unless I’d been drinking lots the night before.  But now they just keep getting higher – today was a massive 37.10!  The highest ever!

BBT Chart

This month’s chart

My boobs are still sore and even though wifey doesn’t think so, I am convinced they’re fuller and firmer.  I had the runs this morning after a wave of nausea.  And last night I really struggled to eat our anniversary dinner!  Most unlike me!

So, just maybe, I really am pregnant!

Went to the Dr again this morning and saw my regular GP who knows about our fertility treatment and was really nice.  He did another test which was definitely positive and had a feel of my tummy just to check there was nothing wrong.  And then he told me to come back after my holiday.  So it looks like that week will be busy!

Still in shock.  Still wow, wow, wow!

I just can’t wait for next week when some of the symptoms might start up properly and the embryo begins to turn into a proper baby!

And then I can’t wait for my first scan at 9 weeks when it will have a proper heartbeat and be properly starting to look like a baby!

Oh god!This is mental!!!!

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