Bear Chat

Bear Chat
Best Friends Forever

When children begin to talk, they give us an insight into their minds and also remind us exactly how much they understand. ¬†Until they can speak, it’s easy to assume that they don’t quite get what we’re saying. Then suddenly, we realise that they’ve been listening, taking notes and totally understanding all along!

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Some of the things Bear says now she’s talking have us in hysterics as they sound so odd coming out of her little mouth. Take earlier; she stood in the centre of the room, wagging her finger and shaking her head as she said “Bunny is werry naughty, isn’t she?”. And she makes up songs that usually contain just one line repeated over and over. To the point where they have become earworms for me. This week’s song has been “We love uh sing uh gever, we love uh sing uh gever” with arms windmilling furiously on the “together” lyric and each verse speeding up until she is out of breath. She has mixed it up a bit by changing “sing” to “dance” a couple of times, but having this on a loop throughout the day, for days at a time can quickly go from cute, to amusing to highly irritating.

As my parents live in France, every single time she sees a plane or helicopter, she stops what she’s doing to wave furiously at it shouting, “Hello Nanna, hello Granpa!” and is convinced that they must be about to visit. We are on a flight path and there are a lot of helicopters as well being a coastal town, so she is frequently disappointed!

Yesterday, completely out of the blue, she demanded “Change my nappy, mummy and eat the poo!”. I have no idea where this bizarre idea came from, but can only blame her sister! Suffice to say that I may have declined this generous offer!

When her friend came over dressed as a pumpkin for a little Halloween party, then had his face-painted as a bat before changing his mind and demanding to have it redone as a tiger, she spent an entire meal later that day chanting: ” Len a punmin, len a bat, len a tiger!”, over and over, and over some more.

She will remember something completely out of the blue and take great delight in regaling us with the story. Apparently, Iggle Piggle caught the Ninky Nonk. Which was HILARIOUS! But not as funny as the chicken that had something on its head. That is funny even at 5.30 in the morning.

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Having a chat

And of course, her bigger sister shouldn’t be left out of this completely as she tries to master bigger or unfamiliar words, she still gets a bit confused. Like the morning she pulled up her socks and told me she was wearing her high kneels to school. And this week has been all about the punkbins.

But her best was in the car when she was in a telling tales mood. She indignantly told us that “Bear is pretending I have a chicken on my nose!”. I’m not sure what she wanted us to do about it, but she was most upset by it. I’m afraid I did laugh a lot at this one.

I think it’s safe to say that whatever is going on in their little heads, I’m never likely to quite ‘get’ it. And will no doubt spend many years baffled by their conversations. But laughing too.

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