Wednesday – CD15
This morning I felt a bit better, but was still a bit crampy – was it severe ovulation pain or nerves?  I played up the illness at work all day and at 14:00 told them I was feeling so ill I had to go home.  I had a nice calm travel to the clinic and was called in almost straight away.

The room was big with a bed in the middle and a stereo in the corner with the dulcet tones of Magic FM playing – I guess to calm me!  The nurse warned me the speculum might be a bit uncomfortable but that was the worst bit.  Then she showed me our sperm – there was hardly anything there, but apparently it was 10 million 1′s and 2′s with 99% motility, so a great sample.  The insemination actually didn’t hurt anywhere near as much as I’d expected and was much quicker too.  And if I conceived it was to Berlin’s Take My Breath Away!  I was left alone for about 15-20 minutes afterwards and just concentrated on my breathing and visualisation.

Then I went home and began my two week wait (2WW).

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