Bank Holiday Weekend

We’ve had a really busy bank holiday weekend, and I’ve barely been on my computer at all!

child scooting and eating ice cream

Scooters and Ice Cream in Broadstairs

The sun has been unusually kind for a bank holiday weekend and shone every day.  We’ve scootered along the beach into Broadstairs for ice cream and Bunny started to really get the hang of scootering.

Ants Nest 1

Ants nest

This is all ants!

Then we had a walk through a woods we came across while en route somewhere else yesterday.  It was beautiful except for the massive swarm of bees I hit as I was driving along.  Oh, and the many, many, MASSIVE ants’ nests that bordered the path we were walking along.  And these were BIG ants too!  Millions of them.  Literally!  The woodland floor was moving with them.  Even looking at the photos now makes my skin crawl!

Margate Meltdown rally

Margate Meltdown!

And today, we went into Margate for the Margate Meltdown which is a gathering of LOTS of scooters and motorcycles along the seafront.  Today was the warmest day for it and Margate was buzzing.  It was a great atmosphere and the girls had lots of fun on the beach.

But now I’m tired and ready for some Parks & Recreation to wind down!

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