Back to Reality

So, the holiday is over.  And thank god!  Never again will I go away when I’m just pregnant.  The nausea got worse over the 2 weeks, as did some of the cramping and breast tenderness.  I have had barely any appetite and when the hunger does come it is extremely fussy about what to eat.  Normally this would be fine, I’d just pick something up from the shop on the way home from work and make it.  But when you’re away, you’re tied to what the restaurant you’re at has on offer.  And I looked so odd constantly just ordering a side of mashed potato as that was all I could stomach and manage.  Three mouthfuls and I’m stuffed!

The tiredness was also a killer – instead of going for lots of incredible hikes in Yosemite, I’d manage a few steps before I had to stop and rest.  The longest walk we managed was about a mile and that took a few hours!  So unlike me and so frustrating!

And in San Francisco, I just couldn’t stop shivering the whole time I was there – it was Baltic!  Then Yosemite was stifling and then back on the coast it was freezing again.  Not the summer holiday I’m used to – no happy medium beach weather this year!  So, I’ll be going back to work looking pale, gaunt and spotty – all the crap I’ve eaten seems to have played hell with my skin too!  It’s just not good!

Oh well, I had no idea I’d be pregnant when I booked it, and even when I did, was ignorant to the effect it would have on me.  At least I know now – next time I get pregnant, I stay close to home for at least the first trimester!

But it was good all the same, and always nice to spend time with wifey.  She has been more than incredible – not one complaint despite being dragged from one restaurant to another looking for something I can stomach.  She’s insisted on carrying everything and stopping constantly to make sure I’m ok.  Bless her – I couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful person to share this with.  I have totally fallen in love with her all over again these past couple of weeks and know she is going to make a brilliant mum!

The added bonus as well is that at least I haven’t had to go through all this at work, under the scrutiny of my nosey colleagues, and I’m now nearly 8 weeks gone and a lot closer to my scan on Tuesday.  Waiting for that has been hell, but made better by the distractions – and the constant nausea and tiredness that reassures me all is well.

One of the boards we’re on got onto discussing old wives tales for predicting the sex and all the signs point towards a little girl – my gut instinct had told me that anyway, but it’s good to have some back up.  Apparently the sweet cravings, the excessive spots, the left breast being larger than the right all suggest a girl.  Which is really, really exciting!

So, we have about 3 hours till we’re due in London now, and I think it’s time for some shuteye – another thing that has gone awol the last couple of weeks – waking at 4.30am every morning is more than frustrating!  Especially when you’re due to be driving all day!

So I’m going to try and beat some of the jetlag by sleeping now in the hope that I can get some semblance of normality into my life before I’m back at work on Monday.  Urgh!