4W – Baby or Cyst?

So yesterday wifey realised that I wasn’t actually supposed to leave the test stick in the cup of urine for the 5 minute wait – just 3 seconds!  So she let me do another one.  And this line came up even quicker and stronger than before.  So it’s definitely picking up a load of HcG.  Which is good.

Positive internet home pregnancy test

The proof is in the second go

Or is it?  The pain on my right side is still there – just a dull, burning pain – it hurts to bend my leg right up (i.e. curl up in the foetal position) or to lie straight out.  Or to stand on my right leg too much or to breathe into my stomach or laugh.  But that’s kind of it.  So we did some research (naturally) and discover that the pain could be a corpus luteum cyst and these can give false positives.  So our little bit of hope evaporated.  I think I had something similar last IUI as it’s the same pain as before and started up just after the HcG shot and lasted till my period.  Except this time, my period hasn’t come – and I’m not sure if this is due to the progesterone pessaries or pregnancy.

Anyway, I went out and got some digital tests so I could test again first morning urine.  More for reassurance that the lines on the cheap test sticks were real.  And I spent the night dreaming about it – my temperature had gone right down, but then I realised I’d dreamt it, and took it again and it was really high (like feverishly so).  Then I eventually properly wake up and check my phone is turned off (I use the light from it turning on to read the thermometer) to see if I’d been dreaming the last reading or not.  I had.  And I take my temperature and it’s still high – same as Friday.

I go into the bathroom and put the test together and pee on it and really, really quickly (much less than the stated 3 minutes) there’s a big fat + in the little screen.  I run into the bedroom and turn the light on to show wifey and she smiles too.  But we’re still concerned it might just be a cyst.  The pain is still bad this morning, and before breakfast was making me feel a bit sick.  Now I’ve eaten it’s just back to a nagging, burning sensation when I touch it or move.

positive digital pregnancy test

The Digital Effect

We have spent the morning researching it and wondering if it is serious enough to warrant a trip to A&E.  But what would they do?  I can go to the GP tomorrow and get a blood test, but I assume this will still only tell me I have HcG in my system, not what’s causing it.  I guess we just have to wait until around 6 weeks when we can have a scan that might show up a heartbeat.

It’s so frustrating – I really want to be happy that I’m pregnant but there is just that nagging concern that it isn’t a pregnancy or that if it is it won’t last.  I’m sure this is normal for anyone that’s had any sort of fertility treatment – it just seems too good to be true.  But I am not a patient person and just want to know.

And I want rid of the pain.  All the other pregnancy symptoms are fine – I’ll take all of them by the bucketload.  But the pain in my side is not a symptom, it is something else.  And I am feeling fed up about it.  This should be one of the happiest weekends of my life, yet I’ve spent it feeling like I’m on a rollercoaster – excited then scared, then excited then scared.

Today is going to go so slowly.

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