Autumn Half Term Fun

Autumn Half Term Fun
A windy walk in the country

As I mentioned earlier this week, our half term break didn’t begin well, but we managed to make the most of it anyway.

country walk

A windy walk in the country

We started the holiday by joining my sister and her husband for lunch in a country pub and then went for a blustery but fun walk in the woods and fields nearby. We saw cool mushrooms, snapped trees, lots of conkers and gallons of slimy, squelchy mud!

Autumn park walk

Crunchy leaves and Bunny & Bear toadstools

The next day we got ready for the predicted storm and then went for a walk in the local park to collect acorns and leaves for Bunny’s half term ‘autumn tree’ project while kicking through piles of crunchy leaves.  Our plan to follow this with a quick run around the beach didn’t happen as the car break-in pretty much ruined the rest of that day, but the girls didn’t seem to mind!

balance bike scooter

A scooter and a balance bike is enough fun for two

After the temporary repair was made to the car on Monday, we headed into Broadstairs with the balance bike and scooter and Bunny whizzed along the prom while I helped Bear move forward on her bike until she found the confidence to do it alone. I was tempted to take the girls onto the beach to have a climb on the winter sea defence wall of sand, but the threatening sky suggested this wasn’t such a good idea so we headed home, and just in time!

Halloween party

A mini Halloween lunch party

On Tuesday, we had our usual playdate, but as we were limited on where to go without the car (which was due for repair at some point over the afternoon), we stayed at home and had a mini-Halloween party lunch.

face painting

Face painting and skeletons in the jelly

We had mini pumpkins made from oranges, apple bobbing, skeleton jelly and face painting. It was a little bit basic as we hadn’t had much time to prepare, but the children enjoyed it, and I think even the mummies had fun trying to show-off their apple bobbing skills!

Wednesday was a boring, quiet day getting the shopping done, but life has to continue, even in half-term!

blowing out candles

Birthday cake and sweet collections

On Thursday, it was wife’s birthday, so in keeping with tradition, we started with an indulgent breakfast, followed not long after with birthday cake. Then we spent the morning preparing for some trick or treating along our local High Street over the afternoon. We had a fun and busy time, wandering along the town centre streets, visiting the many wonderful independent shops and businesses before going for a pizza meal.

After a late night, we had a quiet Friday morning and then I took Bunny to soft play hell for FOUR hours (yes, I am mother of the year!) so that she could play with her school friends. Luckily, I like their mums so it wasn’t a total hardship, but still – the noise. Argh!

And so a strange half term week that wasn’t really what we’d planned came to an end, but was fun and different in good ways too. Lots and lots of getting outside which has been awesome as even I was getting cabin fever! Hibernating again today as everyone’s tired out and full of cold from the week’s activities.

I’m linking up (for the first time in a while) with the wonderful #CountryKids over at Coombe Mill. Click on the badge below to discover what outdoor fun other families have been enjoying this week.

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