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I’ve just come out of the busiest period of my job and despite my colleagues promising me that I’d easily lose a couple of stone over those 2 months of running around, it hasn’t happened. While my activity levels went …

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So it seems that being stressed closely resembles the symptoms of pregnancy. I’m so tired, yet can’t sleep. And when I do, my dreams are vivid and crazy. I wake up feeling sick and spend the day on the edge …

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Every day with the girls is ordinary. Every day with the girls is extraordinary. Aveeno have launched the second book in the Ellie and Eddie Dry-ventures trilogy and this time, they’re camping on their ‘Happy Skin Holidays‘ (you can download …

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Half an hour isn’t enough. In fact it’s almost cruel in its brevity. Not enough time to ask all the questions, to hear about their day. Too many words left unspoken as time runs away with us and all too soon …

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Today is the General Election and while you may have had enough of all the backbiting and bitching that goes with the interminable run up to it, I would urge you to vote. I see myself as apolitical. What I …

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