An Angry Sleeper

sleeping bear

Last night I went to bed early, thinking that maybe, just maybe, if I got a good enough night’s sleep, I might have the energy to suggest we go camping this weekend after all.

And then Bear called out and our usual routine of bringing her into bed with us was implemented. And normally, she’ll grab a handful of my hair, throw her leg over my hip and go back to sleep.

Not last night though. Last night she decided that holding my hair wasn’t good enough, she actually needed to rake her fingers through it and then pull at it until the noise of it breaking seemed loud enough to wake the entire neighbourhood.

I would take her hand in mine and hold it gently, but she would just shift her position so that her other hand could continue to torture my scalp. And periodically, when she wasn’t pulling at my hair, she would kick me in the back or slap my face. Or cry out angrily.

toddler sleeping

In the end I only got to sleep between 3am and 5am when she woke up and started again.

And although I would really love a good night’s sleep (and my hair would appreciate less abuse), what I worry about most is that she isn’t getting a good night’s sleep either. Something is stopping her from sleeping peacefully and I wish I knew what I could do about it. She can be such a lovely little thing, but her angry outbursts are painful to the recipient and can’t be healthy for her – especially in her sleep.

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One comment on “An Angry Sleeper
  1. Oh bless her. This can’t be easy for either of you! Hope the situation gets better soon x

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