All Systems Go!

Well today was scan day and despite my fears it seems all is well.  Had Dr Nasty again and this week it was an argument about whether or not I’d had a day 19 blood test for my FSH levels.  I’m sat prostrate and naked from the waist down on the scan table, and he’s grumbling about how he sent me for a blood test but I don’t seem to have had it.  It sounds to me as though he expected me to have the test in the hospital, but unfortunately, I’m not the mind-reader he seems to think I am, so had it done at my local surgery and duly gave the results to Dr Nice who added them to my file.  After a bit more grumbling, he eventually inserted dildo-cam and declared all looked fine.

I asked if it would be possible to perhaps try a medicated cycle this month and he told me that it wasn’t something he encouraged as I had nothing medically wrong with me and they would only usually do that for women who had actual fertility problems.  Even the most fertile woman having IUI would only have a 20% success rate apparently.  So I accepted that and left it there.  He told me to come back next week for my day 10 scan and I told him about the pain in my side that had been really bad and worried me.  He said to let them know if it happened again next month.  Right.  So I can be in severe pain for nearly 2 weeks following an HCG shot and it’s not a problem.

As I was leaving, I was told to go and see the nurses which I assumed was for my HCG shot – I was a bit surprised to get it earlier, but thought it might be because Dr Nasty still wasn’t taking any notice of the fact I didn’t ovulate till day 15 and was worried it might happen before my scan.

After yet more waiting (I’ve been here an hour by now!), a nurse took me into a room to show me how to inject the Puregon.  Which I took to mean I was on a medicated cycle after all.  Grr.  Why didn’t Dr Nasty just say that.  Now I have loads of questions that I don’t get to ask him.

So I left the clinic and phoned wifey to update her.  She asks how the drugs will affect O date.  Um.  Dunno.  Guess I would have asked that if Dr Nasty had been clear I was going to do a medicated cycle.

So ring the clinic and leave a message for the nurses.  Panic ensues – what if I do the medication and it brings O forward.  While I’m away on my course in Wales?!  The timing is extremely tight this month anyway – due to ovulate on Monday and on course from Thursday lunchtime till Sunday lunchtime.  So it would either need to come REALLY early – e.g. Friday for a Thursday am insemination, or be on time or a bit late.  And what about the pain I was having?  If that is the effect an HCG shot has on me, the side effects of a daily injection are likely to be horrendous.  I can’t even begin to think about them.  It just all seems so dodgy.

I get back to work and do a little bit of research and find that I’m right, the medication could shift my cycle pattern and could cause some nasty side effects.  It’s starting to look like a really bad idea.

Just as I’m beginning to give up on hearing back from the clinic, the nurse calls.  She asks my age and my cycle length and I explain I’m worried that if it comes forward from day 15 it will mean a missed cycle.  She exclaims that day 15 can’t be right for a 26 day cycle.  Arrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh!  I know my own fucking body.  It is right.  Please stop bloody questioning it.

Anyway, she eventually tells me, after lots of trying to get her to understand, that it’s my choice whether I proceed with the medication or not.  Good, that’s all I wanted to know.  So now I’m back to where I thought I was at my scan this morning.  I’m doing another natural cycle.  Finally.  Panic over.

Read some more stuff in my book tonight about the medication and relieved I’ve made the right decision – it suggests that if your cycle is disrupted by flying then you’re more sensitive to the medication and it could even stop you menstruating naturally.  I don’t want that!!

Phew!  All sorted.  And all systems go.

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