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My name is Sally and I’m mum to two beautiful (and often infuriating) girls.  Bear is 13 months and Bunny is 3.5 years.  We live in a small coastal area in the South East of England.  We err on the knit your own yoghurt side of life – cloth nappies, extended breastfeeding, babywearing, chemical-free and organic living.

I have just taken the decision not to return to work (following a fantastic job offer out of the blue that would involve a commute) and dedicate the next year or so to being a full time mum.  Although this seems to include “work-lite” in running a nappy and sling library with some friends and being a breastfeeding peer supporter.  But these “jobs” include my children so don’t feel like work!  At some point, I’d like to turn this into a way to make a living, but at the moment am enjoying the opportunities to meet other parents and promote a parenting style that I feel passionately about.  And I have a long way to go before I can confidently go out there and make money from it!  Although the learning is fun!

I am also keen to be an active member of my local community and have joined our town team in the hope that we can create a legacy that will make my children and their peers proud to grow up here, rather than the shame I felt living in this much derided area.  It has so much to be proud of, yet high unemployment rates, and being a faded seaside town losing its identity in the world of mass tourism has seen its decline.  I used to work in regeneration and know that, given the right plans (and the right people supporting these plans), massive changes can be made to an area.  Just look at Stratford this year!

Ok, so that’s me.  I’ll not go on too much now as I’m sure my posts will add more anyway as I record our lives here.  Please say hi as I’m new to this and am a little scared that I don’t really “get” blogging, so it will be nice to know someone’s reading!

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