Abdo Pain

Thursday – CD23 – 2ww -8

So the parents have been and gone – was nice to see them although it’s hard sometimes to believe their attitudes towards the world.  They are such Daily Mail readers!!  They didn’t ask any questions though so haven’t had to fudge the issue at all.  But did get a bit fed up with not drinking – I don’t really like fizzy drinks that much, but most places seem to have a severe lack of choice for the non-drinker!

So back to the wait…

Wednesday my temperature was still above the coverline (but only just) and I was still getting the pain in my side all day.  Also drank lots again and had a bit of a pig-out in the afternoon, but then barely ate my dinner.

Today, my temperature was really high again and I woke up a bit sweaty.  Started off without too much pain in my side but then it came back again with force.  It’s so odd.  I think if I get a BFN (Big Fat Negative) I’m going to go to the Dr to get it checked out – I’m now completely paranoid that it could be something much more serious like cancer.  The fact that all my family are nagging me about losing weight isn’t helping either.  I really thought it was just ‘cos I’d stopped drinking and was eating more healthily.  But what if it’s not?

God I so can’t wait for this to be over.  I have a feeling it’s going to be a long weekend!!

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