A Staycation

We have no money. So the chances of getting away this year are looking pretty grim really. And while that is galling, I live somewhere so beautiful that every day has a feel of vacation about it.

Family Paddle

The views from the restaurant when I’m working are stunning, and we walk our dog along the beach and seafront twice a day. Our new house is just one block back from the promenade so we can easily wander down to the beach on sunny days, of which there’ve been plenty this summer as the forecast bad weather just never seems to come.


And when we’re not working we can spend all of our free time on quiet sandy bays, taking dips in the turquoise sea to cool off as needed.

Beach BBQSplash

We can take evening strolls along the prom to fabulous ice cream parlours and paddle in the sea long after all the visitors have returned home. Or have barbecues on the warm evening sand after school, while the girls run in and out of the sea, glad of the freedom to strip off and feel the breeze and sand on their naked skin.


And if the girls aren’t with me, we can sit on the steps and watch the sunsets that made Margate famous.

Sandy Bay

My favourite beach by far is Foreness Bay. Its grassy dunes shelter naturists and the white sand rarely gets busy or seaweedy. The bay slopes gently into the sea, mostly free of rocks or shells to stub toes on. It’s not easily accessible but is worth the clamber down for the seclusion it offers. While families cluster to the neighbouring picturesque Botany Bay, the lack of access puts most off coming here, so we get the sand and sea almost to ourselves.


When you live by the sea, every day really is a beach day.

One comment on “A Staycation
  1. hazelscott says:

    Welcome back! Looks like you and your girls are having a gorgeous summer – sand, sea and ice cream is all you need. I had a year off my blog too – so much to sort out sometimes that isn’t for sharing… back on it now and a move to the coast happening soon x

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