A note on Bear at 20 Months

Bear was 20 months’ old this week so this seemed like a perfect opportunity to record some of her developments before I forget them.

Toddler in bubble bath


She isn’t “talking” as such yet, but is repeating words and starting to understand context.  She loves her “bah” with “bubbles” and all birds are “quack quacks” and she will spot one from a mile away no matter how small.  Sometimes I start to tell her there are no quack quacks and then realise she’s right, there is one!  She says “Eh-oh” and “Nigh-Nigh” and “Ow” appropriately as well as “Nooooooo!” and “yeeeaaahhh”, and despite them being dragged out to a longer sound, these make us laugh every time and we kind of hope that she never says them properly.  “Cattt” is another favourite, as is “cake” (no surprises there!) and she does attempt yoghurt with “yock-ur”.  She can tell us she’s done a “wee wee” or a “poo poo” and asks for “milk” or “more”.  When Bunny started to talk, she decided that I should be called Mummy and Wife should be Mum or Mama.  Bear now gets this and takes great pride in pointing to us and repeating our names over and over and over.  She also adds an “H” to her sister’s name (it starts with an E) and likes to say “Nanna” although it is barely distinguishable from “Nana” (banana).  She has started to ask to go and “pay” which means play, points to her “baby”, “teddy”and “Peppa” and, quite possibly my favourite, she comes over, arms outstretched, and asks for a “cuggle”.  Definitely one to encourage!  One I’m less keen on is “hair”; when she’s upset, or tired, she will pull and twiddle my hair and can now ask for it.

Toddler with grandfather on slide

She loves soft play centres and has no fear

She is still climbing everything, including her toy garage, her shape sorter bus and chairs and stools.  She clambers up onto a chair and then tries to get on the table or over the back of the sofa, where she dives across it and rolls to the edge, before climbing back down again and repeating it. She certainly shows no fear at soft play centres and will bound up the foam log ladders and race down the slide, regardless of its height. She has a head of steel judging by her head-butting habits and can smash into our faces to nose-breaking effect in the night without stirring from sleep.  She seems to take great pleasure in defying us when we tell her not to do something, if her cheeky grin is anything to go by and will repeat said misbehaviour until one of us approaches her and forcibly removes her from the situation.

She hasn’t mastered jumping yet, but does this funny little dance that involves stamping one foot at a time.  We’ve tried to emulate it, but it’s just not possible, it really is unique to her.  She usually sings along whilst doing it, nothing more than “wee-ar-eee-ar, swee-bop-bee, wo-wo-wo-ah”, but I love the sound of her happiness.

Toddler strop

Noooo! That is not the right answer!

She has mastered the tantrum to a fine art, kicking and flailing her arms whilst screeching at the top of her lungs.  She will scratch and pull hair and pinch if she doesn’t get things to go her way and sometimes even runs across the room, mouth wide open until she descends upon her target and bites down, on arms, hands and even heads!  I truly hope that this is just a phase.

Children dancing

Bunny and Bear the Superheroes have a dance

Her and her sister can play really nicely and she loves being told what to do by her sister in their imaginary play, but just as we relax and think how beautifully they are playing together, something will happen and one of them will snap and the tantrums and screaming starts.  Perhaps Bear has decided that her sister’s pram is more attractive than her pushchair, or Bear will knock over a character in the scene Bunny has carefully created with her little people.

She is eating just about everything we offer her, and unlike her four year old sister, can easily finish all the yoghurt in the pot without help and usually eats all her dinner without too much trauma.  She is even getting used to having to wear her bib when she eats and will ask to be put into her booster to sit at the table with us.  We occasionally give her a splash of apple juice in a doidy cup and she seems to have gone from choking on pouring too much into her mouth at once to having good control over the way it dispenses.

toddler in hat and shoes

Her favourites – hats and shoes

She is dressing herself with incredible competence and can easily put socks and trousers on and has even been known to pull a top over her head and push her arms through the right holes.  She LOVES hats and if she spots one (frequently in our house which is overrun with them in this cold weather), she’ll point at it, exclaim “hat!” and point to her head to put it on.  She also LOVES “shooooos” and wanders about in her sister’s slightly too big pairs beaming with pride at her achievement.

I missed so much of this period with Bunny as I was away at work all day that I’m loving being able to experience these developments with Bear all the more.  She is such a bundle of fun and is guaranteed to brighten even the darkest moments.  She is very different to her big sister and I cherish this greatly as I would hate for them to be carbon copies of one another.  Her feisty complements her sister’s fragility and I hope that they will learn strengths from one another as they continue to grow.  This is truly an amazing time in a child’s life as they really begin to experience and enjoy their world and I want to treasure these moments forever.

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7 comments on “A note on Bear at 20 Months
  1. I absolutely love children at this stage of development and how they are starting to learn about the world around them. She looks – and sounds – adorable. Thank you so much for linking up to PoCoLo and for all your valued support xx

    • mummysallygg says:

      Likewise! I need to get some tips from you!
      She is at that perfect age right now – blink and you’ll miss it. In fact she’s said a couple of two-word phrases since I posted that on Friday – the best was pointing at her doll lying on a cushion and saying “Baby sleep”. My heart glowed at that one!

  2. Aaah – cuggle! That really is the cutest.

  3. Jess says:

    You are so right to capture these special memories as they truly go so quickly! She sounds a cute button of a toddler 🙂

  4. amummysview says:

    aww bless her. How clever dressing herself too my daughter is two and a half and still wants me to do it all despite me trying to encourage her. She also does the little dance when trying to jump that you describe, it’s very funny, I can picture your little one doing it right now. xxx

  5. Dylan says ‘cuggle’ too and I love it! I am very impressed that she can dress herself, we have attempts but everything is pretty much worn as a scarf at the moment! x

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