82-88/Project 365

Well another week of sickness in our house – will it ever end?!

project 365 day 82

Sunday everyone was properly ill still so I spent the day baking. I made three sponges for Bunny’s birthday party and also some marmalade bread to try and tempt wife and Bunny to eat something. Which didn’t really work. That evening, my best friend came over and the two of us set to work transforming the sponges into something that two five year old girls would approve of. In the end, liberal amounts of edible glitter worked the magic needed to ensure both were happy!

project 365 day 83

Overnight, Bunny’s illness became a vomiting bug and we were really close to saying she couldn’t go to her party. Except every time she finished throwing up, she looked at me with such sad eyes and said “I’m not going to be allowed my party am I?”. It was breaking my heart and I cried all the way to work. However, we decided to take a chance and let her go, on strict instructions to sit quietly with Nanna and not to cough near anyone or touch any food unless we gave it to her. As it turned out, as soon as her best friend arrived, she perked up and ran around the soft play having loads of fun. She had a few wobbly moments where she sat and cuddled Nanna, but she ate lots of party food, and did really enjoy herself. Of course, she flopped as soon as we got home but thankfully wasn’t sick again.

project 365 day 84

Tuesday, was just a quiet day, although wife got to see the doctor and got some antibiotics to treat her chest infection at last. Both the girls decided to stay up with us most of the evening and I took this photo of Bear cuddling up to me.

project 365 day 85

On Wednesday, I got down to some more baking as tradition in my workplace is for the birthday person to take cakes in for everyone to share. I know I could have taken something shop bought, but that really isn’t me! And we’d been talking about Creme Egg Brownies so I had to give them a try and share with my colleagues! Not surprisingly, it went down really rather well. In fact, one colleague even took a photo to show his wife!

project 365 day 86

Thursday was my birthday and the day I’d been trying to hide from all week. Not because I fear getting old, but because I just didn’t have the energy or enthusiasm to celebrate. Bunny was still sick, wife was getting better, but things weren’t good. Bear had an eye test at the hospital straight after work and then I had a parents’ consultation with Bunny’s teacher immediately after. I won’t lie and say I wasn’t chuffed to bits to be told that Bear has no sight issues and that Bunny is pretty much her teacher’s model pupil. I know she probably says that to lots of parents, but it’s still good to hear! After all that crazy, Bunny flopped again as her temperature soared and I finally got to sit down and eat some of the amazing cakes my sister sent me in the post. My mum and dad came over and we had more cake and then once the girls were in bed, had a takeaway and watched a film. Not the most exciting birthday ever, but not as bad as I’d expected either.

project 365 day 87

On Friday, Bunny slept until late and still had a high temperature, so we kept her off school again. But she had breakfast and lunch so was on the mend at last. My parents took the girls out for a walk and ice cream and then let them have a sleepover too. Seeing my dad reading to the girls, with them cuddled up next to him made my heart flip over. It’s so beautiful to see their absolute love for my parents and how easily my parents have come to love them too.

project 365 day 88

My sisters came down today to celebrate my birthday with me and see my mum for Mother’s Day. The sun came out and we had a wonderful day which ended with the aunties giving Bunny her birthday presents. Despite not being tacky and pink and sparkly, she was uber-impressed with them – a butterfly farm and light up globe. She even said she loved that her presents were so grown up!

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  1. Cathy Glynn says:

    I hope you are all feeling better and you had a good birthday, them cakes look fab x

  2. TheBoyandMe says:

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

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