47-53/Project 365

47-53/Project 365

The half term break started busy and continued that way. I need a week off to recover now!

project 365 day 47

On Sunday, we headed up to stay at my sister’s house in Teddington and spent a lovely afternoon in a swampy Bushy Park, splashing our way around and creeping past herds of deer. That evening, when the girls finally went to sleep, my sister and her husband cooked me, my other sister and her boyfriend a fantastic roast and we shared a bottle of Bollinger she’d saved from her wedding. It was fantastic to all be together for an evening and catch up properly.

project 365 day 48

The next morning, after a very early start, I took the girls to the Southbank Centre to enjoy the Imagine Children’s Festival. Bear fell asleep as we arrived, so Bunny and I got lunch from the Real Food Market outside and just enjoyed the ambience inside. When my sister joined us, she took Bunny to have her face painted and then we headed outside for some fresh air and enjoyed the pink installation, had a ride on the carousel and a play in the playground under the London Eye.

project 365 day 49

On Tuesday, we took Bear’s dummy away and headed to the zoo with some friends. We were only there a couple of hours, and the car park was a swamp, but it was fun and even Bear managed to have some fun, despite her tiredness and lack of comforter.

project 365 day 50

Wednesday was our only quiet day, but also the first real day without the dummy. After the excitement of the present wore off, it became a fairly normal day and Bear was pretty good without her dummy.

project 365 day 51

On Thursday, wife took Bear to London to see her brother and a friend, so Bunny and I had a day to ourselves which was fun. We took the puppy for a couple of beach walks, did some art for her school holiday project and ate dinner in front of the TV. I love that she’s such great company for me now and genuinely enjoyed our day together.

project 365 day 52

For the final day of the holidays, I took Bunny to softplay to meet up with her friends and then we went for a walk with a couple of my friends and their sons and dog. I stupidly forgot to take a coat, but it was just about warm enough to still enjoy it and the girls loved the playground at the end of the visit. I love this photo of Bunny pushing her sister on the swing!

project 365 day 53

Then today, after a slow start to the morning, we took the dog for a long walk along the clifftop in the almost warm winter sunshine. We saw kites flying on the beach below and there were whole families out for bike rides and lots of other dog walkers and runners too. You could almost whisper that Spring has sprung!

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9 comments on “47-53/Project 365
  1. 76sunflowers says:

    Phew! Busy stuff, makes my week look very lazy! Love the croc pic and the Bolly sounds perfect 🙂

  2. Looking back, it’s been lovely weather for the majority of this week, hasn’t it? Super photos and well done to the dummy thing – no mean feat!

  3. Leanne Rain says:

    Lovely Pics and wow busy week!!!… Love the pic of the Tree infront of that beautiful Sky 🙂 #Project365

  4. You have had a busy week, Sunday sounds like the perfect end of a week & I love Bunnys raincoat..too cutex

  5. Lovely photo’s and what a lovely week! That crocodile pic is scary! 😉 #Project365

  6. Loving the croc picture and also that tree with the sun behind it.

  7. Jaime Oliver says:

    Swampy Bushy Park sounds like a super place 🙂

    (thanks so much for helping me earlier i really appreciate it x)

  8. I especially love the last photo of them dancing on the beach – great shot.

  9. TheBoyandMe says:

    I love the crocodile photograph, and she is really enjoying it! That sky photo at the top is epic!

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

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