40/Project 365

40/Project 365

Mum and Dad went home today (but not before dad put up my lovely new coat hooks for me at last!) and before they left gave the girls some “pennies” to buy a cake at the local Farmers’ Market. Which of course we did. As well as bread for lunch and meat for dinner. I do love being able to keep it local.

After lunch, some friends came over with their little girl (who is now one and walking and unbelievably cute) and their dog. Who was most unimpressed by this silly puppy that kept running after her and barking. But they eventually fell asleep on my lap next to each other, so I think they called a truce!

Not too many good photos today – lots of children dancing about, but too much movement for anything more than blurred results. But before breakfast this morning, Bunny had decided to style her sister and then randomly dress up in her mum’s swimming costume. Which just looked bizarre! Children are funny!

project 365 day 40

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