37/Project 365

37/Project 365

Last night we saw August: Osage County at the cinema while my parents’ kindly babysat. It’s one of those films that is brilliantly acted (Meryl Streep is wonderful, as always), but that leaves you feeling a bit lost. What was it about? Was the story tied up by the end? It’s difficult to answer either of these questions really!

And today, we were back in our Frozen Groundhog Day with the soundtrack playing almost the entire time Bunny was at home. And if it isn’t playing, she’s singing it or quoting from the film or telling us about her magic powers. How long do these obsessions last??

In my desperation for something other than Frozen, the arrival of my Body Shop Hair Chalks today was met with probably more excitement than a woman in her late thirties should have for such frivolity. But they are rather cool and today’s photo is a semi-selfie to demonstrate how well they work – they come in pink and blue, and when combined, go purple. I’m not sure if I’m brave enough to go to work with them in my hair though! Maybe a more subtle approach is needed….

body shop hair chalks

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