362-365/Project 365

I did it! A photo every day for the whole of 2014. I’ll admit to some hairy moments when work meant that I didn’t get anything decent, but everyone loves a photo of a sleeping child/dog don’t they?!

So here are the final pictures from this year. Thanks for joining me on the ride – I’m still debating whether to do it next year or not.


project 365 day 362

The girls went to London to see their aunt and uncle so I stayed at home with the dog. We took a gorgeous (if blustery) long walk along the beaches then met my parents for a coffee which turned into a couple of beers before heading back to theirs for lunch. It’s days like this that remind me how brilliant it is having them home again.


project 365 day 363

Two tired little ladies after their fun day out in London, so a quiet day was in order. Bunny insisted on watching back to back Sofia the First episodes until even Bear got bored of it and started to play on her scooter, although occasionally pausing to watch what was going on still!


Project 365 day 364

I packed away all the decorations as there was more tree on the floor than the branches and it was getting everywhere. It made me sad to think it’s all over for another year but also relieved to tidy up! And the tree really did look so sorry for itself!


project 365 day 365

A really beautiful and warm final day of 2014 meant that a decent walk was in order. I managed 5 miles before my feet began to blister and my head began to pound but it was stunning and peaceful and I discovered places I’d never seen before.

Project 365 photo collage

And that, is it! 2014 in photos! Done!