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All the Christmas activity has seen me get a little bit behind with the project, but here are the penultimate 2 weeks of Project 365.


Project 365 day 348

A trip to the cinema in the morning to see the wonderful family film, Paddington and then home to play boardgames.


Project 365 day 349

I had a night out with my school mum friends. There were lots of bubbles, giggles, singing, and fun and it was a very late night for a school night!


Project 365 day 350

Bear’s nursery, and Bunny’s school both held their Christmas parties so the girls didn’t have to wear uniform. However, because they would still have outdoor playtime, they couldn’t quite go in full on party garb!


Project 365 day 351

Bunny is really into arts and crafts at the moment and spends hours drawing, colouring and cutting, including this rather cute paper crown she made for her sister.


Project 365 day 352

I left the teacher gift a little bit last minute this year, so decided on gingerbread biscuits from the girls. I made the dough and then rolled it out for them to cut into Christmassy shapes before baking and then letting them ice them. They may not have had the wow factor, but it was nice to see the girls getting so excited about making them.


Project 365 day 353

Finally the end of term and I was determined to pick Bunny up from school and take her and Bear out to a local play centre. They had so much fun! Then in the evening, we had a wander around a Christmas fair in the local town before a cheeky pizza at our absolute favourite pizza restaurant.


Project 365 day 354

Another night out (it must be Christmas!), this time with some other mummy friends and we decided to go a step further than Christmas jumpers, accessorising our outfits with Christmas decorations and lights. It was so much fun and we got a lot of comments – mostly along the lines of “she’s lit up like a Christmas tree!”.


Project 365 day 355

A day of struggling after the night before, but I had just enough energy to drive the girls around to see some of the better Christmas light displays. Although the boats in the marina in Ramsgate are particularly impressive, this one house really stood out!


Project 365 day 356

Time to get Christmas finalised. I did the food shop, all the wrapping, and even braved Tescos at 1am to get some last bits while avoiding the crowds (I was passing anyway on my way home, so it wasn’t too weird)!


Project 365 day 357

We had a mini Christmas picnic with our friends and it was lovely to see the children getting on so well despite not seeing each other since October. By the end of the day, they didn’t want to say goodbye!


Project 365 day 358

Christmas Eve finally! Not that it went terribly well. I queued in the Post Office for half an h0ur to pay the postage that hadn’t been paid in full on an item. I was only expecting one parcel but this was the last chance to get it in time for Christmas so I rushed down there. Unfortunately, it was just a card from a local relative that didn’t seem oversized at all. I think this was a money-making exercise.

Later on, Bear’s temperature suddenly shot up and she was desperate to get to bed, but then we discovered her sat on the stairs a couple of hours later when we popped up to get the presents. As I cuddled her on the sofa, I noticed the dog was licking her paw a lot and we discovered she’d ripped the claw clean out. After about an hour of pressure and cleaning we decided to go to bed, only to discover that Bunny had wet the bed (probably in the excitement of Santa’s imminent visit). In the end Santa had to wait until nearly 3am to fill the stockings!


Project 365 day 359

A 5.30 start thanks to Bear and eventually the present unwrapping began. The girls were so excited over every gift, it warmed my heart to see, and made me proud to have such polite, grateful children. Before lunch we headed out for a brief walk to have a drink with my parents and sister before heading home to what turned out to be a rubbish Christmas dinner with tasteless chicken, roast potatoes that were more roasted mash and no-one liking or wanting pudding. Plus it being stupidly late for lunch!


Project 365 day 360

A day at my mum’s so the pressure was off. We were able to get out with the dog and the girls so Bear could try out her new scooter, before meeting my parents and sisters and husband. My youngest sister was due to have her baby on 15 December, but there’s still no sign of it, so it was lovely yet again to watch the girls reactions to it kicking in her tummy. We had a lovely cold spread lunch before all the family presents were exchanged and it suddenly felt like Christmas  should – families together, presents, food, laughter and fun.


Project 365 day 361

After all the excitement of the last few days, a quiet day was called for. The girls played beautifully together all day before flopping in front of the TV while I made dinner. I’m not sure they will ever take their princess dresses off!

I actually cannot believe I’m just days away from completing this challenge! There have been a few close calls, especially since I started working full time, but I’ve managed to take a photo every day for very nearly a year. Think I’ll do a round up of my favourites with my final post – if I can choose just a few!

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