327-333/Project 365


Project 365 day 327

A night out with my family meant a slow start to the day and then a rush to walk the dog before the rain set in! And then an hour’s drive to our nearest city for Bunny’s first Build a Bear birthday party experience. It didn’t disappoint and she had a great time and loves her ‘Elsa’ bear!


Project 365 day 328

Bunny went to the tea party part of her friend’s birthday celebrations after school and it was funny watching her friend’s dad surrounded by little girls as he tried to demonstrate the Lego to them!


Project 365 day 329

After school, the girls were bounding with energy and playing with the balloons from Bunny’s party seemed to provide endless entertainment and giggling!


Project 365 day 330

Bunny was complaining of an earache before school and still had it after as well so wasn’t keen to go swimming. As I’d planned ahead and had dinner in the slow cooker anyway, I decided an early night was in order. Unfortunately, the best laid plans… The inedible dinner went in the bin, a new dinner was cooked and eaten, a rushed bath was had and the girls eventually got to bed just before 9pm! But at least Elsa bear got tucked in too!


Project 365 day 331

The girls came home from school at the start of term with a challenge to create a Christmas jar by the end of November. Now, being me, I went straight onto Pinterest, looking for some inspiration to blow the competition out of the water. I had a great idea to use spray snow and glue with stencils to decorate their jars and got everything ready. Except the spray snow I bought was gold!! Because snow is often gold of course! So we improvised with table salt which didn’t work as well. Which meant I let go of all ambition and let them go wild with Christmas themed stick-ons and glue to create whatever they wanted. We filled the jars with Hama beads as something a bit more unusual, but they really weren’t as “wow” as I’d hoped. Nonetheless, the girls were both proud of their creations, and as they’d pretty much done the entire thing themselves, I actually think they should be! Sod the competition – as I told them, they were the best that they could do, so that makes them the best.


Project 365 day 332

Despite my distaste at some of the behaviour witnessed as part of Black Friday’s sales, I have to admit to taking advantage of the offers and was rather pleased to nab myself a massively discounted laptop from Amazon. I wouldn’t normally indulge, but was desperate for a laptop that worked but couldn’t afford to pay too much for it! And it was a couple of clicks, no waiting in silly queues or fighting anyone else for it. So yep, I was a hypocrite this year!


Project 365 day 332

A lazy start to the day at the girls’ insistence and then a lovely walk along the beach and through the park with the girls and the dog in the winter sunshine. Then home as the sun started to set for hot chocolates, cookies and some episodes of vintage Famous Five on YouTube! Just perfect!

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6 comments on “327-333/Project 365
  1. I love the beach photo and the girls’ Christmas jars. Well done on getting your laptop! My husband refused to let either of us shop on Black Friday!

  2. Kara says:

    Nothing better than a trip to build a bear when you’re small. Love the beach shot too

  3. Love the Christmas jars and who doesn’t love Hama beads

  4. Jo Laybourn says:

    Great price for a laptop! Well done. The beach shot and the Build a Bear shots are brilliant. So wished we lived where you do! x

  5. 76sunflowers says:

    Your Black Friday pic made me giggle. I hated the images of people fighting and loading up their boots with four or five massive 40inch tvs. Your bargain looks fab though and obviously needed so that’s ok 😉

  6. Jaime Oliver says:

    well don on the laptop bargain! .. i was hoping apple would join in but there were no reductions to write home about 🙁

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