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Project 365 day 320

Bunny had a birthday party at a play centre – probably my least favourite of all the local ones as it’s a long way out and has a big warehouse feel. I didn’t really know any of the other mums there, but they were all lovely and the birthday girl’s mum was also very talented in making this fab cake! And Bunny had a great time of course!


Project 365 day 321

Bex from TheMummyAdventure came over for the evening, and like all good, pregnant friends, brought cake and alcohol for me. I did my bit and made her a hot chocolate and we had a good natter till very late, which always feels indulgent on a weeknight!


Project 365 day 322

Becky had very kindly donated a surplus toy to Bunny and Bear and when they discovered it the next day, it was safe to say they were very excited. I can’t help but love the colour of it and much prefer it to the cheap plastic one we relegated to the patio this summer!


Project 365 day 323

Another birthday party for Bunny at another playcentre, and another Frozen cake. A couple of my friends were there too this time though as well as the mum from Sunday’s party who I’m getting to know even better and we all had a giggle while the girls played. You can never have too many mummy friends in my book!


Project 365 day 324

A quiet day for us as the girls were tired after a late night and I knew they had a busy weekend ahead. So a quick bath and then some random naked rocking chair action from Bear before bed!


Project 365 day 325

My parents collected the girls from nursery and school today and took Bunny to Rainbows. This was supposed to give me some free time to get some bits done, but unfortunately, our very old cat suddenly went from a slightly irritating, but occasionally kitten-like cat to incontinent, unable to use her legs and completely lethargic. From the running commentary I was getting at work, I knew it was time to say goodbye and when I saw her I actually thought it was already too late. She’d had a stroke and went downhill rapidly so we were glad of the option to let her go without prolonging her suffering unnecessarily. The girls both took it really well surprisingly, possibly helped by the excitement of staying at their grandparents, but we’re all sad to see her go.


Project 365 day 326

As the girls had a sleepover at Nanna & Granpa’s (with me as well as Bear isn’t quite ready to be left alone yet), we had a lazy start to the day, followed by some crafting for a school competition before burying the cat with a little ceremony. Then my sister and her now fiancé arrived for the night and once the girls were back home and eating dinner, I was able to escape to join them and my parents for some celebratory drinks and a fantastic meal at one of my favourite local restaurants. A perfect Saturday night!

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2 comments on “320-326/Project 365
  1. 76sunflowers says:

    Sorry to hear about your cat 🙁 The Frozen cake is quite impressive – glad you survived the warehouse!

  2. TheBoyandMe says:

    Love the birthday cakes, Frozen is clearly a popular choice for birthday cakes at the moment!

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

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