313-319/Project 365


project 365 day 313

My parents are finally home! After 10 years as ex-pats in France they’ve sold their beautiful house and moved back to Broadstairs. I was feeling quite emotional about it all, but the girls were just over the moon to have Nanna and Granpa living round the corner “for real”!


project 365 day 314

Now that Bear is at the nursery attached to Bunny’s school, they can have a sibling portrait done with the school photos. Although Bear looks a bit odd here, I still think it’s a lovely photo and can’t wait to get the full version.


project 365 day 315

Nanna and Granpa picked the girls up from nursery and school today and when I went over after work, invited us all to stay for dinner. We’re already seeing lots of perks of them being back, not least the joy from the girls!


project 365 day 316

With swimming after school on a Wednesday it’s always a mad panic to get the girls home and ready for bed quickly, but of course this is the time that playing is more fun that bedtime!


project 365 day 317

I’d procrastinated for as long as I could but couldn’t put it off any longer and had to get sewing the badges onto Bunny’s Rainbows t-shirt. Unfortunately, I am the world’s worst sewer and just two badges took me over 2 hours. The rest were dropped off to Nanna’s on the way to work the next morning where she worked her magic and got the others on neatly and even re-did the wonky one I’d done!


project 365 day 318

Bunny was awarded a certificate at school for her reading and writing effort. It had been announced in assembly but she’d been doing something else so hadn’t heard it but knew from her friends she’d got something and was really excited to find out what. Suffice to say she was over the moon and very proud of herself, as was I as she’s really struggled with her writing as she seems to be ambidextrous. But she’s getting there now and her right hand is finally becoming more dominant.


project 365 day 319

With a birthday party to go to the next day, Bunny wanted to ‘pretty’ herself up for it and insisted on painting her nails. Apparently all her friends do it themselves, so I gave in and let her try. More ended up on the table than her nails, but she did ok! And it was a glimpse into the future for me – she’s growing up so fast these days!

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  1. 76sunflowers says:

    I love that there is a scrumdiddlyumptious challenge at Brownies! My in laws have just similar in leaving France and are currently a couple of miles away – makes a big difference. Enjoy 🙂

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