306-312/Project 365


project 365 day 305

The girls decided to try watching a 3D movie and I think they liked it. They certainly looked funny in the glasses anyway!


Project 365 day 306

My first ever exam session begins. The hall looked right, but there was still a long way to go before things were exactly as they should be and this was definitely day 1 of many!


Project 365 day 307

An early start at work and late finish meant I just about got home in time for a quick dinner before the girls went to bed. Bear was really excited by her “new jamarmas” which were an old pair of her sisters that now fit her. I love how easily impressed they are!


Project 365 day 308

Fireworks night! There were Chinese whispers all over social media about what time they were going to start so we arrived early to avoid missing them for them to go ahead as originally advertised. While we waited the girls had sparklers – and neither remembered having them last year!


Project 365 day 309

Bunny is really getting into reading now and sat with a book while she waited for her sister to get ready for bed.


Project 365 day 310

And then she read the book to her sister while I finished getting ready for work in the morning. Not that Bear seemed to be paying much attention!


project 365 day 311

A number of late nights had taken their toll on all of us so we opted for a quiet Saturday, with just a quick play in the park before heading home for cake and movies. Bunny had fallen asleep while we were getting ready and Bear fell asleep as we watched the film so hopefully, they both caught up a bit. I didn’t get to and even managed a night out with my two best friends from school – the first time the three of us had been out together in nearly 20 years!

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2 comments on “306-312/Project 365
  1. Jo Laybourn says:

    Wow, 20yrs is a long time! So cool when they get into reading isn’t it!

  2. Sweet photos of your girls. I do love them in their 3d glasses. You and your friends must have had a lot to talk about 🙂

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