299-305/Project 365


project 365 day 299

All of us were tired and coming down with colds, so decided on a quiet day. Which means a lack of photo opportunities. Bear did make me laugh when she complained that her knickers were too tight though!


project 365 day 300

I really wanted to make the girls some Halloween tutus to make their shop-bought dresses a bit more unique so I ordered some tulle from eBay that matched the colours in their dresses and finally got to work after a week of it sitting there. It took all evening, but was worth it!


project 365 day 301

We went to a friend’s for a mini Halloween lunch party. The girls couldn’t wait to get dressed up in their new tutus and I was quite pleased with how they turned out! Plus it was really nice to see my friend again after our weekly play dates took a back seat when I started working full time!


project 365 day 302

A boring kind of day, getting shopping and bits done. So a lack of decent photos again. But once more, Bear made me laugh when she decided to brush her teeth with soap and got a shock at the taste – that just wouldn’t go away!


project 365 day 303

Bear had come into work en route to somewhere else recently, so I promised Bunny that if I went in over the half-term break she could come in too as she was really jealous. As I ended up being there a lot longer than planned, I got her to help put my exam room trays together. It seemed a good idea – a nice, simple job. But she still needed quite a bit of help! Not that she cared as she was so excited to have been into my work with me and helped me do my job!!


project 365 day 303

Finally, Halloween! The girls have been excited for this date since the summer, desperate to do the trick or treat trail put on by local independent shops and businesses on and around our High Street. I had to work in the morning, but rushed home to prepare a fun Halloween lunch with pumpkins before we got ready to join in the fun in Broadstairs. The girls loved it (they were getting free sweets, it’s a no brainer!) and insisted we go to the park on the way home for a bit too. In the evening we went into Margate for wife’s birthday and popped into a Tudor House that was putting on a Halloween extravaganza before heading home. The girls loved it but claimed to be too frightened. A great end to a fun, busy day!


project 365 day 304

Another beautiful autumn day. Sadly wasted while I tried to sort out my car insurance. But we managed a walk in a nearby woodlands just as the sun was setting. It was a lovely end to the holiday week. And I even heard owls hooting as we climbed back into the car!

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