292-298/Project 365


Project 365 day 292

We had a rather exciting day out to the fantastic Big Fish, Little Fish Halloween party in association with Out With the Family. The girls dressed up and had their faces painted when they arrived and there were craft activities, a giant colouring scene, fun Halloween foods, glitter bombs and bubble machines all backed by a fantastic DJ set from The Readers Wifes. Definitely the way forward for family entertainment!


Project 365 day 293

A busy day at work as usual, but when I get home, the girls have always drawn me pictures to put up on my office wall. I was particularly impressed by Bunny’s Elsa drawing as it wasn’t so long ago Granpa was encouraging her to only colour within the lines and now she’s creating this freehand!


Project 365 day 294

With half term approaching fast and a day’s training to fit in, it was another crazy day at work. However my sense of humour hadn’t failed me yet as this rather overzealous abuse of the much maligned apostrophe from Bunny’s school did make me giggle (although I was tempted to write a letter pointing out the numerous errors and my concerns at their teaching standards!!)


Project 365 day 295

Another training session in London and my last of what seem like many. It was a long day again but this time I understood a lot more of what was going on and almost enjoyed it if that’s possible. It would definitely have been better if this cake I spotted on my way there had been on the lunch menu though!


Project 365 day 296

Diwali and we had tears when the candle burned down and couldn’t be relit. This is Bear’s reversible Sita and Rama puppet she made at nursery.


Project 365 day 297

You know it’s been a busy week for at least one little person in the house when they fall asleep on the floor instead of in bed! I wasn’t long behind her!


Project 365 day 298

Such lovely weather we took the dog to the bigger park for a good run and my two little princesses enjoyed the chance to collect little acorns before the squirrels nabbed them all!

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