28/Project 365

28/Project 365

Another fairly normal day today.

After school, we went to our Tuesday playdate’s house and the children all played really well for a change. Very little fighting or arguing and barely any tears! Even Bunny and Bear played together which doesn’t always happen now Bunny and her best friend are older and want to go upstairs by themselves. It was funny watching my two make a beeline for the princess dolls and automatically play in sync with one another. They play princesses so much at home, it’s almost second nature now.

In fact, this morning, despite removing all the toys and dress up clothes from the bedroom, they still played princesses, just using an old cardboard box they found on the landing as a prop – a boat, a walking box, a magic carriage. As I said in my post earlier, there is no lack of imagination, and perhaps by removing some of the obvious props that toys provide, they will learn to use it better.

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