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Project 365 day 285

A night out with some of my mummy friends meant a slow start to the day, but I did some more gardening, made fudge and even managed a blustery beach walk with the dog and girls. They all enjoyed running up and down this sand hill and I was happy to wait at the bottom taking photos!


Project 365 day 286

Overnight the girls both crept into bed with me again. Well not crept really, but still, it’s nice to wake up to this on a Monday morning!


Project 365 day 287

The longest day at work trying to get the school census finished. It was one of those one step forward, two steps back kind of jobs. I didn’t see my girls before bed but they’d set up this rather intricate game in the playroom after school.


Project 365 day 288

When I’m not at my crazy busy workplace, I’m trying desperately to get my life into some sort of order. This has included thinking about Christmas presents and trying to get started. Here are some of the books I’d ordered for stockings and main presents for the girls. So excited to have more Enid Blyton to share with them!


Project 365 day 289

After the crazy week I’d had, I thought I’d be too tired to enjoy a day in London for a work course, but in fact, having forced sitting down time on the journey there made me relax and feel positive again, and this was reinforced by the walk from Kings Cross down to Chancery Lane in the autumn sunshine. The course was really good too and gave me a moment of thinking I could actually do the job. And I even got to meet up with my little sister for a quick drink at Waterloo before my train home!


Project 365 day 290

Back to work and back to the mess of not being in for a day when deadlines no-one had told me about had been and gone. A really, really horrible day trying to sort it all out with some pretty thoughtless comments made as I did so. When I finally got home (having been back while Bunny was at Rainbows), I just wanted to curl up and cry and never step foot there again. But the space of the weekend has given me some clarity and I think I can just about face it on Monday, but cannot keep going like this, ad infinitum. Bear’s disgust at being made to eat pizza, is about how I felt all day!


Project 365 day 291

A lovely day with my girls and some unexpectedly warm October sunshine. We took the dog down to the old hoverport site and they collected shells while I took photos of the kite-surfers. Then we went for a lazy lunch at a clifftop pub and sat in the sheltered garden, enjoying the views and the afternoon sun.


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One comment on “285-291/Project 365
  1. 76sunflowers says:

    Aw I kind of miss the kiddies in the bed phase! Hope the weekend has cleared your head 🙂

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