Project 365 day 278

After we cut down half the hedges in the garden, we spent the rest of the day in Broadstairs, enjoying the gorgeous autumn sunshine and the ambience that this and the Food Festival brought with it.


Project 365 day 279

A call at 7.20am finally saw the end of two large and unwieldy trees in our garden when the tree surgeons suddenly had space for us in their diary! The garden looks so much brighter without them blocking all the light. No more cherry seeds all over the vegetable patch!


Project 365 day 280

For some reason, Bunny came through to my bed in the night and it wasn’t long before Bear joined her too. When I got up in the morning, they were cuddling each other which was lovely to see!


Project 365 day 281

After their bath, I found what Bunny had been calling her ‘witch trap’ – the poor mermaid had been broken in half and drowned in the rinse cup! Should I seek therapy for her now?!


Project 365 day 282

Getting ready for bed is always a testing time in our house as the girls tend to go a little hyperactive at this point of the day. However, Bunny ‘hiding’ under her chair did make me laugh!


Project 365 day 283

I mentioned in my Word of the Week post that Bear is getting better at going into nursery. After establishing that she likes the little animals best of all, I had a chat with her teacher who offered to put them out for her in the morning so we can go straight over to them. She happily sat down and started playing with them and pointing out all the different animals that were there. We may have cracked it!


Project 365 day 284

A (torrential) rainy morning cinema trip to watch Frozen Singalong. The girls insisted in dressing up as Anna and Elsa and surprised me by both joining in with the rest of the audience and singing along (as well as all the dramatic actions Elsa does during Let It Go!). I had a night out with the local school mums too but the photos from that were rather blurry for some reason!!

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3 comments on “278-284/Project365
  1. The weather for the food fair looks brilliant! Such a cute photo of the girls cuddling. Think I’d love to join in with a Frozen singalong (although not sure anyone else would like me to!).

  2. emma t says:

    Love the witch trap. Very creative (although maybe not great for the number of dolls she might have left at the end of all her spells!).

    Lovely round up of your week.

  3. Jaime Oliver says:

    awww i love the in bed cuddling shot .. although when you have the extra little people in bed it does tend to get uncomfortable … but still super cute to see .. 🙂

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