264-270/Project 365


project 365 day 264

A repeat trip to the Pirate ship and this time we got to go on board and have a good look round. I loved it and given half the chance would happily have sailed off into the sunset on it!


project 365 day 265

Finally the time came to get the dog ‘done’. She was very sad and sorry for herself all evening and didn’t even want to eat which is most unlike her. It felt such a selfish act to make this decision for her, but as her owners, we can’t deal with puppies and so it would be irresponsible not to. But she did make me feel bad when she looked so sad!


project 365 day 266

And the day finally arrived for Bear to start nursery properly. She was really excited and loved being able to go into school just like her sister. There was absolutely no problem leaving her, although when I picked her up she did say she had wanted to cry at one point because she’d missed me. Which made my heart ache just a little bit more for the baby I’m waving goodbye to.


project 365 day 267

A busy day at work, rush home for swim club and then I forgot to pick up the shopping on the way home, adding an extra half an hour onto the evening’s chores and making us late for dinner. So boring photo tonight – why do they always leave the peas till last so they’re impossible to eat?!


project 365 day 268

Another not a lot happening kinda day but the dog did make us laugh when she got her head stuck in the empty fishfinger packet and just stood there, tail wagging with it covering her entire head!


project 365 day 269

No Rainbows this week – no rushing anywhere – so we enjoyed a relaxed evening with a little bit of silliness mixed in before bed!


project 365 day 270

A visit to my great uncle followed by shopping for a birthday present for my pregnant sister – which was so difficult it took a couple of hours! Then home for a cuppa and cookies followed by an ‘interesting’ game of Snakes & Ladders – where Bear insisted on sliding down every ladder she came across and Bunny resolutely refused to slide down the snakes. I’m not really sure anyone won that game!

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6 comments on “264-270/Project 365
  1. Erica Price says:

    Poor dog, but I think it was the right decision. They do tend to look a bit sorry for themselves afterwards I think. Our cats were quite pathetic for a day or two when they had their ops.

  2. Jaime Oliver says:

    that pirate ship looks amazing! .. the fishfinger box photo made me laugh .. they are buggers arent they!

  3. 76sunflowers says:

    Crazy dog with the fish fingers! Love the going to nursery pic – cute uniform! And the galleon pirate ship looks amazing 🙂

  4. Fantastic!! LOVE your boat shot – that drew me right in 🙂 …But those little girlies in their school uniforms, now that’s priceless. Hope they’re enjoying ‘back to school’!
    The pea photo is awesome too… I have one at home that pushes the peas around the plate hoping that someone will say ‘ok, you don’t have to eat them, off you go!’

  5. Ha ha, some funny photo’s with the fish fingers and pull up on the head! I would have wanted to sail off into the sunset on that boat too! #365

  6. Playing games with small children can be quite challenging! I hope nursery is still going OK for Bear. The photo of the peas left on the plate is so familiar to me – my daughter is just the same. I tell her to eat them first, but she never does and can still be there an hour later just staring at them!

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