257-263/Project 365


project 365 day 257

Despite a hangover, I battled on through the day and battle really was the word. Bunny had her first homework and she was not happy about having to do it. We fought all day over it, trying bribes to get it done in little bits here and there. In the end, I think she secretly enjoyed it – but I didn’t! How many years till the homework stops???


project 365 day 258

Bear had her first mini-session on her own at nursery today. Unfortunately, I had to go on a training course so didn’t get to see her in, but apparently it went well and she’s very excited to go back this week. Thankfully! Oh, and remember how last week, she banged her nose when she fell over. So she did it again – smashing her nose into the bunk bed ladder as she fell – and this time it bled – only a bit but she screamed the house down!


project 365 day 259

Another day of training and I was so tired this was the only photo I took that day! Looks fun doesn’t it?!


project 365 day 260

A busy day back at work and then a rush to get Bunny to swimming on time. After a day like that, chocolate mug cake is called for.


project 365 day 261

Another busy day at work and a late finish. Meanwhile, Bear was busy hurting her nose AGAIN!!! This time she pushed the swing and it bashed into it. Lots and lots more blood this time, but incredibly, it still seems to be intact. How many more goes is she going to have?!


project 365 day 262

My first day of running exams alone. With work being so busy since I started in the role and then two days out training, I was massively underprepared and it was a stressful, tiring and not much fun kind of day. But my little people make it bearable. A double photo tonight as they both made me smile when I was fed up. This is how Bear got dressed. And Bunny was over the moon to be able to bring Olivia the Rainbows doll home for a couple of weeks!


project 365 day 263

Wife went to London so I had the fun task of taking the girls to see the stunning full size replica frigate currently moored at Ramsgate marina. It was all a bit hairy with a jumpy dog and two small children leaning over a bar that separated them from the sheer drop into the water to get a closer look. We’ll try and go again without the dog so we can go on board and explore properly as it really was stunning and worrying about the children and dog didn’t make for the best photos!

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7 comments on “257-263/Project 365
  1. Sounds like an exhausting week. Poor Bear and her nose! The chocolate cake looks delicious and love that pic of the boat.

  2. mmmm chocolate mu cake, I hope you get the chance to sit down and relax today xx

  3. Jo Laybourn says:

    Awe poor bear. Her poor nose must be sore. Homework is such a chore, not looking forward to when we get more. That boat looks wicked….better luck visiting next time. #365

  4. chocolate mug cake sounds like the perfect idea to end a busy day.

  5. Erica Price says:

    Homework is such a waste of children’s time at this age. It causes no end of stress for parents and children, teachers only have to mark it, so why do we do it? Makes me really angry. Hope you have an easier time with it next week.

  6. Jaime Oliver says:

    oh wow she doesnt half do herself some injuries! bless her! .. loving that choc mug cake! delish!

  7. Mmm chocolate mug cake!
    The frigate looks fab.
    Hope her nose is better now! #project365

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