250-256/Project 365


Project 365 day 250

A beach walk in the morning that ended in tears as Bunny cut her hand and then into Margate for a walk round and some lunch at a friend’s cafe. It’s super child-friendly, with sandwiches tailored to the children’s preferences, plastic cups and plates and kids served first. Always a big plus in my book! Well done Cafe G!


Project 365 day 251

Normal day in the routine. Bear isn’t into bedtime stories yet, but did take herself off to “read” Frozen to her pony, so hopefully it won’t be long.


Project 365 day 252

Bear was tired when we went to a friend’s this afternoon so when she fell over and bumped her nose, she cried and cried for ages and eventually fell asleep. Meaning we had her all evening. But at least she was ok!


Project 365 day 253

Another busy day so I’m sharing an example of my bad parenting – the girls wanted pudding, but I had nothing to offer (the Asda Click & Collect order didn’t work) so I distracted them with squirty cream into their mouths. And got away with it. Not healthy or hygienic, but lots of fun and giggles, so who cares?!


Project 365 day 254

A dull morning with rain forecast meant the girls got to finally wear their new coats. As it turned out, the day was very warm so they were totally unnecessary, but the girls were too excited to care.


Project 365 day 255

A long day at work, a rush to take Bunny to her first Rainbows session, a run round the shops to look for a pirate outfit and then home for dinner. No time for photos, but couldn’t resist this one of Bear reminding me of her growing independence as she buttons up her pyjamas (or jamarmas as she calls them)


Project 365 day 256

Night out for me to celebrate a friend’s birthday. We all went as pirates and while I didn’t get one of my whole outfit, I did take a (rare) selfie of my drag queen-esque false eyelashes. Such a fun night and far too much to drink, but the first since May, so needed!

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2 comments on “250-256/Project 365
  1. Ickle Pickle says:

    Great photos, I couldn’t have squirty cream, I am lactose intolerant!! x #project365

  2. Louise says:

    Lovely photos – squirty cream is great fun – my husband still likes to do that now! The photo of your girls in their new coats is just gorgeous and those false eyelashes are quite something! 🙂

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