24/Project 365 and Team Honk Dover Day 3

24/Project 365 and Team Honk Dover Day 3

We’ve done it!! The Team Honk blogger relay baton has now been passed to Mari from Mari’s World in Gravesend and our little contribution to its journey is over. 

Today started with a gathering (or is that a muddle?) of mums and toddlers at Becky from the Mummy Adventure‘s house as we tried to fit the final Little Tikes Cozy Coupe together without the use of power tools. And then get four toddlers, 1 baby and four adults and three Cozy Coupe vehicles of varying shapes and sizes into our 3 normal sized, real world cars to transport them to the seafront for our toddle. It was touch and go for a bit, but we managed it and even coordinated getting everything and everyone across the busy road. And then the toddlers who’d all been so keen to play in the fab cars decided they didn’t want to anymore. Or wanted that one, which just happened to be the one their friend also wanted. There were tears and tantrums (and that was just the mums!) but we managed to make progress along the clifftop and even had a giggle as cars and dog walkers passed us by with quizzical looks.

And then the final leg of the baton’s journey in East Kent began as I drove with Bunny, Bear, wife and puppy to the CycloPark in Gravesend to meet Mari and her two girls and hand the baton over for it’s next adventure across the Thames and into Essex, mostly on two wheels! We had a quick cake break before the official handover photos were expertly taken by her daughters and then we headed home again. Exhausted from a busy week not helped by illness, but really glad to have been involved in such a fantastic event for a charity that supports so many worthy causes.

So, now my final reminder to ask you to donate to Team Honk Dover if you haven’t already. As challenges go, there is a reason they say never to work with children and animals. And I would like to add toy cars that don’t fit in real cars for easy transportation to that. It may not have been as physically demanding as a 20-odd mile bike ride, but I feel almost as exhausted this evening! Especially as the in-car napping now means my two are still running around upstairs with no signs of being at all sleepy! And don’t forget, you can also Text HONK to 70005 to easily donate £5 to Sport Relief. 

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11 comments on “24/Project 365 and Team Honk Dover Day 3
  1. Rogerg says:

    Well done Sally and all your fellow Honkers!! By the way was Honkers derived from Bonkers???

  2. Love the photo and the write up. I can feel the buzz of your day. So great to be a part of something so big and significant. Well done to you all today.

  3. don says:

    Lol in bed smiling at the thought of kid cars and tantrums. MY kids are all grown up but remember days like yours and wouldn’t stop email for anything. I am a grumpy old man now but your posts make me smile. The grand children are my life now but they are not like having your own kids. I don’t envy you but celebrate you with a wry smile and a chuckle. Well done with the Honk and I look forward to your next expidiiton into something bonkers. X Don

    • Hi Don. I’m glad you enjoy my posts – funnily enough they were started to share with the girls’ own grandparents who don’t live nearby so it’s lovely to hear others enjoy hearing our stories too. Thanks for all your support x

  4. don says:

    Added my proper blog address now. Still coming to terms with using my kindle coz the laptop is kaputen (predictive text didn’t like kaputen how it came up with Lauren is beyond my last functional brain cell) night night.

  5. Lovely photo. Sounds fun and quite challenging! I’m really looking forward to my leg of the relay in three weeks’ time, although mine is going to be a bit more solitary/ boring than most of the others I’ve read about.

    • It was fun and more challenging than any of us anticipated, but that’s the point isn’t it! I hope you can find a way to make your leg more fun and that the sense of achievement is enough in itself. Well done for signing up!

  6. hope we have fewer tantrums on our leg! well done

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