236-242/Project 365


project 365 day 236

A beautiful London wedding! And my two were gorgeous guests – even if I am biased!


project 365 day 237

Quiet day at home after the late night. We had a play with the face painting kit and I was quite chuffed with my efforts – as were the girls!


project 365 day 238

A last bit of play with Nanna and Granpa before they head home and Bunny’s best friend came over to play too!


project 365 day 239

With no plans for the day, we took the dog for a long walk on the beach and into Broadstairs where we enjoyed hot drinks in the Albion garden. Bunny has become a little bit obsessed with rock pools though!


project 365 day 240

Our playdate cancelled at the last minute so we went for the back-up plan to meet up with Bunny’s school friends and join them for a teddy bear’s picnic at the park.


project 365 day 241

What started out as a sunny day turned out to be showery so we ended up having a quiet day. But just as I was despairing at finding something to photograph, this slithered across our patio! It’s a slow worm which is a legless (not drunk) lizard and is completely harmless.


project 365 day 242

The girls went to London with the wife so I had a very rare day to myself. I enjoyed a lovely long walk with the dog along the beach, did some serious hedge-trimming and then enjoyed some quiet time to myself.

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9 comments on “236-242/Project 365
  1. Love the photo of Bunny and the rock pools and very impressed with your face painting efforts!

  2. Erica Price says:

    The rockpools look gorgeous as do the wedding guests. Sounds like a fun week.

  3. Helen C says:

    Love the rockpool and the face painting looks great!

  4. Jaime Oliver says:

    OMG … i am shocked with that snake .. in fact i am totally panicked!

  5. If I could do facepainting like you then my daughter would be insisting I do her face all the time! How cool catching a shot of the slow worm.

  6. Notmyyearoff says:

    That rock pool is really eye catching, all that white in the middle of the sand.

  7. CaroleHeidi says:

    I have never seen a slow worm – I am a bit jealous.

    Also – you have some serious face painting skills! Whenever I do the kids it looks like they did it themselves with wax crayons 😉

  8. some beautiful shots, love the face paint!!

  9. The rockpools photograph is so clear and bright, I hope she found plenty of interesting creatures in its depths!

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