project 365 day 22

22/Project 365 and Team Honk Dover Day 1

This morning, Bunny woke up and momentarily seemed brighter, so I told her to snuggle up in my bed while I had a shower. Unfortunately, as she did so, she was sick. And then again as she came down for breakfast. And this pretty much continued for the rest of the morning. My poor little Bunny. I hate seeing them ill.

However, today was the first day of Team Honk Dover and I had arranged to meet Chloe from cookiejarlife at Dover Castle so that she could pass on the baton to me. I knew that Chloe had planned to cycle at least part of her route but had no idea how she was making the final stretch. So, when I arrived at Dover Castle and found it to be closed and pretty much inaccessible, I wasn’t quite sure what to do. So I parked at the entrance turning and waited. And then I spotted someone walking at a pace up the very steep hill that leads to the castle. This couldn’t be Chloe could it? Yes, it could! This incredible lady, (and anyone that knows her will know just how much of an understatement that is!), had cycled a treasure hunt route put together for her by friends, caught trains and finally run from the station – a good mile uphill!

I was truly humbled as I sat snug in my cosy car. By this time the light was rapidly fading, so we drove around the castle a bit to find a good viewpoint for a photo and then I took her back to the station where she was getting a well-deserved lift home and then dropped the baton off to Becky from The Mummy Adventure so she could make the most of the dry weather before the rain in the morning.

So tonight, I want to end with one last plea, to ask you to donate to Team Honk Dover if you haven’t already to show Chloe that her efforts have not gone unnoticed. Alternatively, you can Text HONK to 70005 to easily donate £5 to Sport Relief.

And to finish, here’s a very bad selfie of me with Chloe as she handed over the baton on a freezing cold, windy hill opposite Dover Castle this evening.

project 365 day 22
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