project 365 day 21

21/Project 365

This morning, Bunny woke up even more miserable than usual (this girl does not like mornings!), and coupled with a raised temperature and refusal to get ready for school, we decided to keep her off as a precautionary measure – I don’t think the teachers would appreciate her going in if she’s going to go into meltdown at everything, and even less so if she’s actually sick!

She snuggled down on the sofa (again) and watched a film with her sister before doing some colouring and drawing and then having a nap. And then she nibbled on some lunch, refusing to eat the soup I’d bought her especially. She brightened up afterwards though and was absolutely fine when her best friend came over, but didn’t eat the treat her mum brought for them.

Come dinnertime, she was all floppy again and refused to eat, saying she just wanted to go to bed. So I took her up and she cuddled into me as we read another chapter of The Enchanted Wood and then snuggled down into bed quickly. It’s so weird as her temperature has remained the same throughout the day, but isn’t high enough to be of concern, but what’s wrong is so non-specific it’s hard to know what to do.

On a brighter note, we finally got the rest of the Christmas present from my parents today. They bought the girls a desk and chairs for their bedroom, and while the desk arrived before Christmas, for some reason there was a delay for the chairs. So the girls’ room is pretty much finished now. And I feel quite pleased with it!

project 365 day 21