208-214/Project 365

A late one this week!


project 365 day 208

Tried somewhat unsuccessfully to dip dye my hair and then took the girls to Wingham Wildlife Park for the afternoon. Bunny made us wait in the butterfly house for ages until one landed on her. Naturally, they landed on everyone else first! But we got there in the end! Briefly.


project 365 day 209

A quieter day at home, with the girls playing on the swings lots and me harvesting some of the fruit from the garden. I didn’t enjoy peeling the apples very much, but I’m sure we’ll enjoy the crumbles and pies that I can make from them!


project 365 day 210

We spent the best part of the day at our friend’s beach hut. We were lucky it was still standing as just further along the promenade, some others hadn’t been so lucky in an overnight arson attach. There are no words for the little scrots that do this for kicks.


Project 365 day 211

An afternoon with Bunny’s school friends in a nearby park. I spent most of it pushing Bear on the swing while Bunny perfected her climbing wall skills.


Project 365 day 212

A hectic day getting ready for our last minute festival weekend. Got the tent out of storage, hoping it hadn’t rotted away over the last year. Fortunately it hadn’t and we were able to stock up on all the other bits we thought we’d need (and others we hadn’t thought about) in a mammoth shopping trip.


Project 365 day 213

Off to Camp Bestival – a long 4 hour journey there was made worse by all the congestion on the motorways that extended it by another couple of hours. And then the trek from the car to our pitch was a killer. We missed most of the day and it started raining as we arrived but stopped for the headliners, James. I loved bouncing around with Bear and Bunny to Come Home and then, when they fell asleep in the trolley, made my way to the front for the last few songs and danced and sang like crazy. God I needed that!


Project 365 day 214

Our first full day at Camp Bestival and Bear’s third birthday. It was brilliant and she smiled and giggled and danced her way through the day. A really wonderful way to spend time with her on her special day.

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